Typical Burris

Ok Calgary fans, what you saw tonight was typical Burris, some signs of brilliance and then brain freezes and fumble fingers.

What can I say, Burris the Usual. Too bad for the Stamps. Showed some good signs in the 2nd half. I like the Stamps but I'm kinda thinking Burris might not be the answer but maybe he'll prove me wrong. Bet all the Riders fans are smiling though.

Burris is the most overrated QB in the CFL.

I sure am, I sure am :lol:

.........he had some jitters in the first half but what we saw in the second was way better.........the second IT was a blown route by the receiver, not HBs fault, but the 2 fumbles were plain and simple sloppy ball carrying........go ahead and gloat if you need to rider fans, small things amuse small minds........first game out against the GC champs no-less...........would've liked the W but c'est la vie.........

Is RedandWhite calling Henry Burris a "small thing"?

He's not used to playing in any other color but green.

He does have a knack for turning the ball over at the most inopportune times. These types of turnovers seem to plague him early in the season. Lets hope he makes a couple more in Wpg next week.

Yes he should have hung onto those fumbles, but he sure looked smooth delivering on some of those long balls. Burris will get into sync and look out when he does.


You just do not get it, what you saw last night was how Burris has played for years, looks smooth delivering and then fouls it up. Yes he does get in sync from time to time but then he goes off balance!

Give me a slow balance approach vs flashes of brilliance followed by flashes of brilliance.

Actually, I do get it. I've watched Burris play in this league as long as you have leeing. Burris got the Riders to the Western Final and probably might have taken them to the Grey Cup if McCallum hit's that 18 yard field goal.

If by "slow balance approach" you are referring to Nealon Green...then I wish you luck. 8)

Flashes of brilliance followed by flashes of brilliance sounds pretty good to me. You don't like players like that?

I know what you meant tho. Burris isn't my kind of QB either. His butterfingers are way too unpredictable, could strike (and usually do) at any time.