Tyms released


[ltr]Thank you to the city, the people, and the fans the experience was amazing #duecesigningout[/ltr]


The fact he couldnt carve himself a role on this rec corps in its present state says everything you need to know. And thats being polite.

So, his performance in the eastern playoff game last year was a fluke? I think he just wasn't targeted this year. Hope this doesn't come back to haunt us like Ellingson did. Although I do wish him well.

I liked Tyms when he played inside. When Toliver went down in the first game, Brian was put on the outside, where he didn't do much, maybe lacking speed, and then didn't seem to get back to form when he got back to play inside again, for a couple of games, more recently. Too bad he wasn't born here. IMO, he'd have been our best fill-in for Fantuz.

Too tall for the run & shoot?

Like some are saying about Collaros, it would have been interesting to give him a chance under the Jones offence.

I had high hopes for this guy.

I think this guy is a good receiver and can provide many yards after the catch .I agree that I don't think he was used properly this year as he more suited in the inside and he also did not get many passes from ZAC..

Yes , he could come back to haunt us but maybe this opens the door more for Collins Jr who looks good as well .

So far this team has dumped Chick , Tyms,Dyakowski, and Wil Hill....all pretty good players

Chick: Highly paid and under-performing - traded to a contending team;
Tyms: Obviously wasn't playing up to his potential/hype;
Dyakowski: Didn't want to renegotiate his contract and take a reduced role, even after he LOST that role to Revenberg; and
Hill: Took too many selfish penalties, disregarded team rules such as actually being on-time for meetings, and was described as a nut-case in the locker room. No surprise that he's not on ANY CFL roster now.

All good moves, IMHO.

Hill it was reported just would randomly leave practice whenever he felt he was done.
Chick has 2 less wins then the Ticats this season.
Agree on Dyakowski. He was getting paid starter money and wasn't going to be a starter.
Tyms I had expectations for. They were just not realized.

Have to agree. Did Chick even play in the last Eskie game? I'm a little surprised by the Tyms release, thought he was doing okay when he played and when he was thrown to.

Tyms played 8 games and had 25 receptions for 204 yards. Pretty lackluster considering guys like SJ Green and Ellingson are already over a 1000 yards.