Tyler Palko new Als QB

From Herb's blog...

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They've also added a fourth quarterback – Tyler Palko, who had an impressive collegiate career at the University of Pittsburgh. Palko holds second place in the school's career passing yards, trailing the legendary Dan Marino by 254 yards. And Palko tied for second, with 66 career touchdown passes.

Isn't Mcpherson contract up in 2010 ?? I remember reading somewhere that he can become FA in Feb 2010.

Maybe Popp doesn't want to take any chances...

Wow...Al's must have a lot of clipboards to hold. :wink:

McPherson is signed through the 2011 season.

Normal that the Als sign a 4th QB; in the past years they always had at least 4 QBs signed either on active/injured or practice rosters.


And now for a change we're seeing real QBs, like McPherson, Leak. . . whereas in the past we had the ilk of Ted White, Tavares Bolden, and Nealon Greene. Nice for a change :smiley:

Is that plus the option or is 2011 the option?

My guess 2011 is the option it gives him a chance down south,

2011 is his option year/season; could be a free agent on February 2012. Would be eligible to sign in the NFL, after the 2010 season,since 2011 his option year.

He will be/remain with the Als.