Tyler Holmes signs

Argos finally get their man. Tyler Holmes that is. Will be interesting though come December when Ottawa gets to pick in the expansion draft. Will Holmes be protected over one of the other Argo starting Offensive Linemen. Tyler a son of former Rough Rider running back Randy Holmes and a Ottawa native, would have name reconization for the RedBlacks.

Well Holmes is in the starting line up this week and King has gone to the 9 game. Milanovich in an interview sounded confident that Holmes is there man at Right Tackle

I guess Milanovich had second thoughts. Holmes was at left guard with Eppele moving over to the right guard spot. Tough for a rookie to play OT in the CFL against all the quick DE’s team have now.

I agree hard but not impossible, Holmes started most of his colege career at Tulsa and spent las t season in NFL TC and the entire season on practice roster and this season up to last cuts again.
Import Starter to start the season Jariel King had similiar expereince in making his way to be the Argos starting RT this season. Not sure hos injured King is to be on the 9 game but Halomes certainly has the resume and the skill and physical ability to do this

Young Tyler has looked like he is the real deal since he got his chance to start. The Argo just might protect four OLinemen in the up coming draft, but if they don't I'm sure they will protect Holmes ahead of Eppele.

I think you are right Holmes almost for sure will be protected. Eppele depends

Holmes, Keeping, Eppele, Van Zeyl are all currently in the starting lineup would Toronto be able to protect them all?
Durie and rookie DL Laing will be protected. Safeties Black and rookie Gabriel if one is not protected there is a really good chance that Ottawa will select either if left unprotected.
Also will they protect WR Spencer Watt?

That's nine players and they can only protect six. So unless they can make a deal with Ottawa, such as sending them a QB after the draft to lay off a few unprotected players, three of the above are going to be available. Rosters are to be frozen so teams can't deal off excess players like happened last time. I think the Argos have to protect their four starting O Linemen and Laing. Then it gets tricky. Durie is the best player left but he will be 33 and might not have too many years left. Gabriel looks like an up and comer. Black and Watt can both start as well. Tough choices will have to be made by Barker and Company.

With the Argos having Sewell waiting in the wings if he does come to the Argos and not to the NFL they could protect 3 of those 4 Canadian Olineman. Holmes and Van Zeyl for sure. It would be possible that they do not protect keeping and Ottawa not select him. leaving them to protect Laing, Durie, and probably Gabriel.
They will lose someone most likely that is just part of the expansion draft process. Could be either Black or Watt.
This season has produced two quality starting cnanadian safeties in Edem and Stephan and Gabriel is right up their with them.
Ottawa will have some tough choices as well when selecting Canadian players once they take one from a particular team said team would be able to lock down probably the rest of the Canadians on the roster of importance

I would be shocked if Keeping is not protected. He is the centre -- a difficult position to fill -- calls the o-line formations and has probably been Toronto's best o-lineman this year. I would bet they protect Keeping, VZ, Holmes, Laing, Gabriel and Durie in round 1. No chance they protect Watt, and Black is very unlikely. Can't see them risking the loss of Durie, even if he is 33. He's too valuable in their offensive scheme, and not immediately replaceable as a 1,000-yard NI starting receiver.

That would seem to be a likely situation. I think that Ottawa would be fairly likely to take Black if this were the case. Grabbing a quilty Canadian safety in his prime. starters quality and an awesome special teamer.
Montreal will also has a tough decision to make. 4 olineman and on defense Emery and then a decision on Edem and Marco B.
Popp loves Marco B. though. Has stated he is among there best defenders and able to play all three LB spots and safety as well as Special Teams but how can you not protect Edem.
On the OLine Woodruff depending on his health could be left unprotected. Some tough decisions for Montreal as well and Ottawa will get a quality Canadian from the Als no matter what they do. Matte and Bomben have both shown that they are of starters ability this season as well.

That could be it for the Argos. Keeping, Van Zeyl, Holmes, Laing, Durie and Eppele. Ottawa could take Black, but is he better than Calgary's safety Fraser? Ottawa will have to look at the big picture after every team has put out their protected list. Calgary IMO has the deepest Canadian Talent in the league, so even if Ottawa could grab QB Drew Tate they would still have a fairly good Canadian player at number nine from the Stamps. It is not by accident Winnipeg and Edmonton are last when you look at their Canadian talent and young QB's. IMO if Ottawa can't sign a couple of free agent Canadian starters, what they get from Edmonton and Winnipeg will be really just back up material.