Tyler Holmes back in Blue

Now that the Argos have resigned Tyler Holmes their FA list is getting whittled down. Can't see them letting WR Jason Barnes, WR Spencer Watt and RB Anthony Woodson walk. RB Steele and OT Rogers will probably return as well although they are replaceable.
Argos need a veteran receiver and BC's Earnest Jackson is still out there as of today. OG Joe Eppele would be a nice addition back from Ottawa if he can return to health. But I don't think Jim Barker will over pay for anyone though.

Defintely need to make Sir Vincent a priority coming down the FA stretch. Becoming a top LT enabled the Argo's to trade Washington to EDM. Having a top LT is always huge now a days and there are still several teams that would love his services as the second choice behind Bryant.
Watt has really become a top starting WR and a National at that. Just looking in the East alone he can likely se that every team could use his services.
Great to see that Woodson has overcome his injuries that plagued him since his final season as a Dino. I love the way that Milanovich began using him as the H-Back/SB position. I would think Woodson would want to stay in Toronto. Being a bit bigger at 6'0" 215 than all star vet Durie and rookie sensation Coombs, who also play similar position on offense, enables him to take one of the National game roster slots used for Teams players as well as ability as a skill player

Very happy we were able to re-sign Tyler Holmes. Thats huge for our offense.

Here is my question, with us losing Rogers does that mean the Argos feel comfortable having Sewell start at LT now? Or is he still seen as a project/backup. Would the Argos move Holmes to LT and plug Sewell in at LG?

I hope we bring in Epple or Wjolt for depth and canadian insurance. Wayne Smith is up there in age now and though I'm a big fan of Dhillon (our future C I think) another veteran would be good.