tyler ebell

congratulations to printers on this day only
in my opinion, playing tyler ebell hurt team momentum today
nothing personal

Dont agree… our returns havent been exactly top notch this season anyhow, it was more of same old same old for me.

You got it xt.

How can you blame the returner (either Ebell or McDaniel) when our blocking has been terrible all season.

It doesn't matter who is back there but if you don't get the proper blocking in place, you aren't returning anything.

i am not blaming the returner
i am questioning why dress him

To save McDaniel for Offense.

in a one game and out - you do not save a players talents

Both teams put former good returners out there today. Wally made the "Smart"er choice. However, I still think dressing Ebell was a good idea in case Cobb got nicked. But, then again, we didn't give Cobb many chances to get nicked did we?

Who is the Special Teams coach? Is it Easley? I think that guy better watch film during this off season on how to properly set up and block for punt and kick off returns. That part of the game has been and continues to be brutal.

More importantly where the heck was Prechae?

I love our TiCats and how they came back today but holes everywhwere, special teams and defensive back coaching, brutal. And to let Casey look great, he took it to us.

Can't help but agree with this. We started off the year with a good return and coverage team, and slowly got worse.

Not sure that Ebell did very well out there today. While he may not have helped us, he also didn't do much to hurt us much. Most times he caught the ball flat footed or going backwards, and didn't have any speed heading up field. Looked rusty and shaky at best. Hindsight is 20/20, but I think this move didn't work out well for us.


Fact is you have to have an excellent punt kickoff returner in this league, it can't be an afterthough like Obie seems to think it is.

James, Bruce and McDaniel are all above Prechae on the depth chart now..Prechae has barely played since mid-season after being injured for a few weeks.

Personally I am tired of whatching the returner try to run it up the gut into the heaviest traffic. Blocking is poor to non-existant in front of the poor buggar. If you look at a couple of the nice runbacks that the Lions had, there was an angled wall of blockers in front of him going down 1 at a time as they took a man out and they took it for extra yardage.

Regardless of today's disappointment they have given us something to build upon for next year. They for the most part made it interesting and more exciting than it has been for years. Hopefully next year Setta will be and will remain healthy since today it might have been preferable to have Ito out there for at least punting.

It was entertaining and for that I am grateful and have renewed for next year.


After another season giving up field position, Marcel needs to make an adjustment at special teams co-ordinator, IMHO

Ebell was rock-solid fielding the ball and moved north-south to get what yards were there. We all want a gamebreaker, but Ebell's simple competence was a refreshing change from the butterfingers we've seen in the return game from time to time.

I wish we still had Jojo walker on returns!

Unfortunately he wouldn't have made a difference. Your returner is only as good as the guys blocking up front.

Hopefully Obie's main focus this off-season is fixing our special team's play.We have guys who could easily take it to the house almost every time, but piss poor blocking and blocking scheme's.That and maybe a DB to replace Bo Smith and i'm happy with this team going into 2010.I'd like to see what this Laroche Jackson kid can do.He had some nice stats in '08 in the IFL in 11 games.41.5 tackles, 8 INT's, 2 of those returned for TD's.