Tyler Ebell

Was this young american prospect trying to call a fair catch on the Boreham recovery or did he just not know that the kicker could recover the ball?

I donno, but sitting in section 102, it almost looked like he tried to call fair catch, but i couldnt tell for sure.

If he was calling for a fair catch, he would still have to catch it...

not neccesarily. in the NFL, if you call fair catch, then you can wait until the other team 'downs' the ball.

Ive got season tickets in 102 :slight_smile:

Either he didn't know the fair catch rule and should have or he did and took his sweet time doing what he is paid to do: either way, it looks bad on the poor feller.

Thats not a fair catch...

Yeah, J-man's right. You only call fair catch if your going to catch it and don't want to be hit. So I doubt he called it. If they let the ball drop it's usually only near the goal line, but they don't call for a fair catch.

Exactly. I know my stuff lol!

The fair catch rule is 9. Fair Catch: An unhindered catch of a kick by a member of the receiving team who must raise one arm a full length above his head and wave his arm from side to side while the kick is in flight.

The way it works

Fair Catch

  1. The member of the receiving team must raise one arm a full length above his head and wave it from side to side while kick is in flight. (Failure to give proper sign: receivers’ ball five yards behind spot of signal.) Note: It is legal for the receiver to shield his eyes from the sun by raising one hand no higher than the helmet.

  2. No opponent may interfere with the fair catcher, the ball, or his path to the ball. Penalty: 15 yards from spot of foul and fair catch is awarded.

  3. A player who signals for a fair catch is not required to catch the ball. However, if a player signals for a fair catch, he may not block or initiate contact with any player on the kicking team until the ball touches a player. Penalty: snap 15 yards.

  4. If ball hits ground or is touched by member of kicking team in flight, fair catch signal is off and all rules for a kicked ball apply.

  5. Any undue advance by a fair catch receiver is delay of game. No specific distance is specified for undue advance as ball is dead at spot of catch. If player comes to a reasonable stop, no penalty. For penalty, five yards.

  6. If time expires while ball is in play and a fair catch is awarded, receiving team may choose to extend the period with one fair catch kick down. However, placekicker may not use tee.