Tyler Ebell

We have been watching Tyler since high school and we we have seen him excell at every level. Here's wishing him and the ESKS much more of the same.

New to the Esks, but impressed with your fervor for the game, and for you storied history..WOW !

Let the season begin...

Can assure all that Tyler is of strong character off the field, and as you are learning, all heart on the field.

seeing Ebell carry the load in last nighs pre-season game, have to say I'm already very impressed. Starter was injured, and we hardly lost a beat I would say. Looking forward to what he will become cause he's definitely sticking around with the Esks!

Thanks for the support for Ebell and the Esks. Hopefully Ebell has a long and successful career with us!

He sure looked like a real find last night against the BB in the opener. He is young and I hope that he can stay in the CFL for years. I enjoyed watching him.

He certainly did see a lot of attention last night. 132 yards rushing, 35 in the air, plus a TD. Good for him.

Wow! He is a good find for you guys. Ranek who? Troy Davis who?

Ebell is damn good
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