Tyler Ebell Signs With BC

8) Just announced on the Fan 590 that Former Argo, Tyler Ebell has signed with the BC Lions.
    I still don't know why the Cats didn't grab him, especially with our RB injuries at this time !!

    If Wally thinks he can help the Lions, then he must still be ok despite his injury last year  !!

I SECOND that emotion ... not sure what took so LONG for him to sign somewhere, UNESS he was weighing NUMEROUS offers ... When Jesse went down Tyler IMMEDIATELY popped in my head as a replacement.

Good to see Canadian talent resurfacing in the CFL.


8) "Meanstreak", I believe that Tyler Ebell is an import !!!

You do know Ebell is american right??

Since 2 of you have JUMPED on to say he is an import - then I will assume I am WRONG (first time for everything I guesss) and stand corrected. NOt sure why, but I had the impression he was an N/I ...

Wonder if you guys will be as QUICK to point out the next time I am SPOT on in my analysis.


We have two injured RB’s, and yet you want to sign a RB who TORE HIS ACHILLES TENDON LAST YEAR???

“When Jesse went down Tyler IMMEDIATELY popped in my head as a replacement.”

You might be thinking of Calvin McCarty… who will most likely take over as the Canadian running back in Edmonton… that is of course if the Jesse you are talking about has the last name Lumsden… :lol:

Yes, it was LUMSDEN I was referring to ... not sure what would make ANYONE think I was suggesting the Tiger Cats sign him.


I Rather Sign Joe Smith Bigger back and he bring more of BC Swagger here we got from our Two Linebackers

I would rather sign no one and let DeAndra' Cobb do his thing this week... From what I have heard/seen Caulley and Smith are day to day and will be back sooner than later.

Now if Cobb goes down in BC(god forbid) and Caulley and Smith are still not ready to go, then I say we go out and grab someone like Joe Smith or A.J. Harris..

8) He obviously went through training camp with the Argos with no problems !!
   I am sure that Wally would not have signed him without a complete physical first to make sure there is no lingering problem with that Achilles  !!!

   Since he had all last season off, he just might be in better shape than our 2 injured backs are  !!!      <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

But do you really want a guy who doesn't care about football? I don't like Joe Smith's passion and was in Wally Buono's doghouse because when he was hurt he just stayed at home and didn't do anything football related.

I don't want a guy who you have to try and motivate.

I like Ebell and he looked good in the preseason game against us. He's had more than a year to revoer and he is not known for being injury prone. Sometimes these things just happen. Look at all the guys who come back from Tommy John surgery.

I think the Cats missed the boat on this one but I think Williams and Cobb can do the job.

I agree lets give Cobb a chance. He looks like he could be good.

I am surprised AJ Harris' name is not as frequent as joe smith or tyler ebell, I would say he is the most talented freeagent rigth now and aside from a healthy keith, would be a number #1 back inhamilton and he is on the younger side

8) Why would you take that attitude with me regarding pointing out that Ebell is an import ???
   I thought I was quite polite and civil in pointing that fact out to you  !!!!

   At least I was, anyway  !!!

Hey Tipper, yes, INDEED,you were civil while pointing out my ERROR ... as was I, while ACKNOWLEDGING the correction ... Although I can see how my last statement could be taken as a bit PRICKLY - methinks much of the ATTITUDE you (and others) INFER into my posts is a COMBINATION of my screen name and propensity to use CAPS ... it's okay though, I RELISH the role of misunderstood outcast.


According to what Drew Edwards wrote in his blog today, that part of your post that I emphasized seems to be correct. Here is an excerpt from that blog post that you can view if you click here:

Both Terry Caulley and Tre Smith missed practice, though Caulley did some light running drills and looks closer to returning. Bellefeuille said both are day-to-day.

"We’ll see how they progress during the week. But DeAndra’ Cobb played well for us during the pre-season so we’re comfortable with him if need be," Bellefeuille said.

And so it also seems that the team won't be bringing in any RBs that had been released by other teams. But we have one RB on the nine game IR and two others left the game with injuries last week. We have had good depth at RB in recent years, and have needed that depth in recent years.

"3" lol. Knowlton, Floyd and Johnson.

I think the 'Cats may be making a mistake here. If either one of Caulley or Smith are unable to go for the BC game, we will be asking for a lot from Cobb, and will have no depth at this position.

If we show that we are unable to run the ball, BC will defense against the pass and shut our offense down. A balanced offense is key to winning.

I think we should have found a way to pick up an import who has some experience to fill in while we are injured. With Keith out for who knows how long, and Smith and Calley injured again, we need to fill in while we can.

The TiCats have not placed either back on the disabled list yet, so we'll see what happens come the end of the week.