Tyler Crapinga & Boris Bede

Just read that the Argos re-signed Boris Bede yesterday ... I had totally forgotten that Als traded him to the Argos last February

The Als roster currently shows Felix Brière and Tyler Crapigna as the kickers ... but there seem to be way too many names on the roster ... are either of them actually signed?

Felix Brière and Tyler Crapigna are both signed for season 2021.


Merci monsieur

Is the roster up to date? The "Transactions" page hasn't been updated since October 6th posting of some names from the Negotiation List.

The Alouettes roster is definitely not up to date and has been as such for a long time, unfortunately.

Regarding kickers, there is not an adequate punter between these 2.


Calling Sonny Wade?

So either there is a dual purpose kicker yet to sign or they are using two roster spots (hopefully both Canadian/National/Non-Import ... OR ... Global)

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