Tyler Crapigna

TSN 690’s Joey Alfieri also reported the Als will be adding kicker Tyler Crapigna.

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Joey Alfieri@joeyalfieri

[ltr]According to my sources, the #Alouettes will be adding veteran kicker Tyler Crapigna to the roster. Kicking game has been wonky for a while now https://3downnation.com/2019/07/01/sources-alouettes-to-add-veteran-kicker/… #TSN690[/ltr]

9:35 AM - Jul 1, 2019

Ok! So that’s why Jourdain…

Luc tried to George Springate a few but wasn’t good enough so Kavis called Tyler

Crapigna is only a placekicker. They also need to bring in a National punter like Josh Bartel or Quinn Van Gylswyk who was at last years camp. Bede is just too inconsistent, you cant count on him.

He is great on kickoffs, but with the Als scoring so few touchdowns that`s basically a non factor.

What usually happens when they bring someone in to compete with him is that he does well for a few games, they release his challenger, and he soon reverts to being inconsistent.

(1) Agree … can’t believe the guy they see for 6 quarters after he has competition … replace him … in all three jobs

(2) The Als have Enrique Yenny on the practice roster … was he not the guy with the “big” leg for punting?ENRIQUE

Yeah, but that was at high altitude. All the signing means is the Als now have 2 kickers on the practice roster: Yenny and Crapigna.