TwoColours at Sweetness and Light GT, Sat. Jul 26, 7 pm et

Sat July 26
Ottawa at Hamilton
7 pm et/ 4 pm pt

The Cats return home...kinda. Burris comes back to take on the Cats. We shall see how Dan LeFevour handles the start as we try for our first win.

Oski Wee Wee,


For the close to 6000 going to Mac for the game tomorrow - pretend it is Guelph 2013. In other words - take your rain gear. :stuck_out_tongue:

According to The Weather Network showers with scattered thunderstorms around with a 60% chance of rain at game time tomorrow night.


Is it just me or are these thread titles more amusing to the person writing them than the rest of us?

I predict the TiCats to win this one!
I like the way the Defence is playing
I like the return game Banks is giving us
If we can consistently give the Offence a short field like they did last game I like our chances.

Just like the last game at good old Ivor Wynne :slight_smile: I remember - I was there. Had planned to be at this game too (had tickets) until… we all know the rest (sigh) :frowning:

I guess you are an expert on amusing, coming from a guy that sticks his head in a watermelon. :roll:

I’ve never put a watermelon on my head in my life. Maybe next week.

now THAT’s amusing… :lol:


LB Marcellus Bowman: In week 4, Ticats linebacker Marcellus Bowman led the team with nine defensive tackles, the second best single-game tackle total of his career . Saturday night's game against Ottawa will be his third start as a Tiger-Cat... can he top his week four performance?

QB Dan LeFevour: Ticats head coach Kent Austin announced that quarterback Dan LeFevour will be at the helm of the team's offence on Saturday night. LeFevour, who will get his first CFL start on Saturday, has completed 17-of-22 passing attempts (77.3%) for 146 yards this season after posting 394 passing yards and 317 rushing yards in 2013.

WR/KR Brandon Banks: Receiver and return specialist Brandon Banks compiled 164 combine-yards in week four vs. Calgary. Banks is currently ranked second the CFL in average punt return yards (10.9) and third in average kickoff return yards (23.3) among returners with more than five returns.

[b]Through the Tiger-Cats first three games, the defence has statistically been one the CFL’s best.

In last week’s 10-7 loss to Calgary, the Ticats defence forced the Stampeders to punt on 10 of their 14 possessions while forcing a fumble on another.

Since giving up 158 rushing yards to Saskatchewan running back Anthony Allen in week one, the Tiger-Cats have limited the production of opposing running backs to a total of 88 yards on 24 carries – an average of just 3.6 yards per carry.

Additionally, Orlondo Steinauer's unit has given up 6.1 yards per pass and have only allowed one receiver to record more than 56 yards in a game - Fred Stamps (74).


[b]Hamilton's turnover ratio of -6, is currently ranked last in the CFL. However, this stat is misleading, as eight of their 12 giveaways have been late in the game when trailing or forced to gamble on 3rd down. In first halves, the Tiger-Cats' turnover atio is EVEN with only three turnovers.

It has been 637 days since the Tiger-Cats played a regular season game in Hamilton and 3200 days since the Ticats faced a team from Ottawa.

The Tiger-Cats defence leads all East division teams in several defensive categories, including points per game (23), yards per game (294), passing yards per game (197), fewest touchdowns (5) and fewest first downs (58).

Marc Beswick is eight special teams tackles away from tying Rob Hitchcock's team record of 122 special teams tackles.[/b]

The titles are part of the conventions of the team’s forum. If you don’t like it, nobody is forcing you to post here.

Just over an hour to game time... and no Pre game show either

I happen to agree with you! I guess I am in the minority here but the last thing I want to know my football team as is sweetness and light! They have played that way for too many decades… I would like them to be ferocious Tigers!

       Or Tiger-Cats would be fine.

Hi folks!

[url=]viewtopic.php?f=5&t=85705[/url] << for our team forum's wee discussion on my thread titles. Most were/are cool with them -- 39-9 positive with 11 "who cares" at last count.

Some guy named "Caretaker" here likes the idea of fun with the game thread titles. That is all I needed to know. :slight_smile:

I have provided a thread to explain the team names as well as listing the actual team names in the first post of every game thread.

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The preview article for the game is at .

The article from a couple of days ago re the Austin decision to start Dan LeFevour at QB can be found at .

Ellingson didn't get over the flu, so he's the INT Reserve and Gascon-Nadon is the NAT.

:D Smilin Hank gonna whip our Ass :cry:


I seriously doubt it. I think OS's crew are going to rat him alive; and it will be so good to see.


Cause he’s so lights out this year


I am more worried about Chevon Walker that Burris per se, frankly...