TwoColours at Pies Game Thread, Fri. July 11, 10 pm

Game two of the CFL doubleheader...ought to be a competitive game!

We shall see. Hope to see some of you here to join in!

Oski Wee Wee,

Russ <<'s pre-game take on tonight's game.

Well the two colours and Pies aren’t exactly lighting it up with seconds left in the 1st as the game hit TSN looks like th EE just picked up a single! Meanwhile Hank is being…Hank. :lol:

1-0 Esks after one quarter. From nylon to Nyquil. LMAO

Two colours with only 15 yds of total offense in the 1st!! :oops: EE with about 70+

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Chevy finally breaks a run for a TD. Had a huge hole to get through and then put on the after burners

Chevy's rollin'. 65 yard TD run.

Nice. Reilly just faked out the cameraman.

Well the first half of this game has been going faster than the last one, No challenges and fewer penalties - so far

Bad Hank has made his appearance...

Even the officials are feeling sorry for the white/whites getting in the way of White's run for the EE :smiley: (late in the 4th)

Well after a slow first half this game finally got more exciting at least fir the EE fans! 16 point lead for the EE with under two minutes to go and looks like Hank is done for the night.

DeMarco picked off. Final 27-11 for the Pies. Hank won't be happy with this one!

EE stands for Evil Empire (better than Pies, yes I get it, Eskimo Pies, still kind of lame).

Evil Empire had the refs on their side with a sack being called roughing the passer, set up a TD.