TwoColours at Nags Game Thread, Sat Aug 9, 7:30 pm et

Sat August 9
Ottawa at Calgary
7:30pm et/4:30pm pt

Calgary will hope to rebound from last week's loss by beating up on Henry Burris and Ottawa. I think it will be a tall order for the RedBlacks to win this one at The Ranch.

Oski Wee Wee,

Russ's pre-game article is at .

TSN's coverage begins in a half hour. :slight_smile:

Oski Wee Wee,


Kickoff is imminent.

Will the "real" Redblacks please stand up? I swear that the Stamps look more lie the Redblacks than the Redblacks do! :lol:

Don't expect Burris and Co to win but let's see if they can put up a decent fight.

Still running around doing errands. Hope there's enough of a game to keep watching by 1/2 time.

7-0 Nags almost the end of the first frame. Ottawa doing a Ticats impersonation - lots of penalties!!! :lol:

So I just get in and sit down and they aren't even at the half yet. Slow game. Injuries?

Redblacks get on the board with just over 1:30 remaining in the half. TD off a Mitchell interception. Of course the Stamps already have 3 TDs :smiley: 21-7 Nags with half time coming up in about a minute.

Nothing of note but the game didn't start until 7:30 which means KO more like 7:40 so it hasn't really been slow.

Well the Stamps O sees to be clicking with a TD in less than a minute to bump the score to 28-7 :slight_smile:

Okay. Calgary looks like they have this one totally in control. Back after the half.

Burris and Co put a drive together to score TD#2. 31-14 Nags. :smiley:

TSN only blackscreen at my house. Game being censored?

Just HD that's out. Up in the 400's I found the regular feed. Boy, I'd forgotten how much nicer HD is for games.

Redacted to prevent viewing of sensless Redblacks slaughter.

Calgary goes to sleep and lets Burris complete a 50 yarder.

Another penalty for calling for a penalty. Announcing staff likes rule. I believe them to be "nuts".

It's the new rule - players who wave like the official should throw the flag get a flag - for THEIR objectionable conduct! :oops:

Game over 38-17 Nags Was there ever any doubt? :smiley:

A definitive beat down by Calgary!!