TwoColours at Mosquito Excitement GT, Thu July 3, 8 pm et

Thu July 3
Ottawa at Winnipeg
8 pm et /5 pm pt

Ottawa officially rejoins the CFL fold with its game against Winnipeg tonight on TSN. Here are some links about tonight's game: << from <<'s preview

We shall see how the RedBlacks get out of the gate with real bullets ablaze...and whether Willy and the Bombers have more offensive magic from last week to use.

Oski Wee Wee,


Chevy Walker is rolling and Burris is hot -- 14-0 Ottawa in the first quarter!

Peg responds to make it 14-7. The RedBlacks have really good team speed from what I'm seeing!

Two key questions relating to offensive success in the CFL -- How good is your QB? .... and ..... How good is your O-Line?
The RBs are looking good on both!

Ottawa looking good

Bummers… not so much…

Walker is in the end zone again as Burris is simply lights out so far -- 21-7 Ottawa now.

We should have Kept Hank

He looks great :thup:

Burris could win most valuable player award this year after he passes for 6000 yds. :cowboy:

It's not how you start, it's how you finish !

Bombers getting things going now and have narrowed the gap with another TD + RBs are starting to pick up penalties. 21-14 RBs. Ex Ticats having a good night - Hank, Chevy, Collins and Delahunt.

Hajrullhua (?) brings the BBs within 4 with a l-o-n-g FG to end the half

He looked great before he left. :wink:

:thup: :thup: He'll probably throw his share of bombs and picks :)

21-17 Ottawa at the half. Good game so far!

He looked great when we were 6-12 under Cortez too :smiley: :oops:

BIG play by Grigsby AND a roughing the passer penalty by RBs - BBs could take the lead here or not with an overthrow by "Willypeg" :oops:

All the flags looks like the Ham Sask game. :roll:

Willy just got harpooned. :lol:

Chevy starting to get stuffed by the Bummers missed FG adds 1 to the RBs 22-20

22-20 Ottawa now after the missed FG single.

I’m in Ottawa. Just walked down Metcalf street near the university. EVERY bar and restaurant had the game on except one Thai restaurant that had on the Jays… IT was deserted.