TwoColours at Larks Game Thread, Fri Aug 29, 7:30pm et

Fri August 29
Ottawa at Montreal
7:30pm et /4:30pm pt

The 1-7 Bowl is tonight. Not exactly sure how to make an edumacated guess on this one, but I do know Ottawa has some guy at QB in the hall-of-fame convo. This will be a big audition for Jonathan Crompton. If the Als use Whitaker properly, they should be able to score enough to eke this out. We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,

Russ <<'s customary pre-game preview.

Oski Wee Wee,


Let the mayhem ensue!

Both teams are wearing their dark home jerseys...

Rod Black: "A feeling of desperado in the air."

Rod Black Drinking Game Addendum: Drink 10.


The first Ottawa drive stalls, but Maher is good with the FG. 3-0 Ottawa.

No chance that they'll mistake the teams by their uniforms for sure! OttRBs look much like the horses signature unveiled today - or should that be the other way around? :smiley:

Too bad Hank doesn't have receivers who can catch consistently (Carter did have a good one a few minutes ago though) cause Hank sure can't run like he used to!

LOL and welcome!


With horses held… the Als get a FD on the off side penalty

How can these guys line up offside when there’s a BIG YELLOW LINE showing them where they have to be?

That TD pass by Marsh was almost a disaster. Pop Warner popgun floater gets it done, though.

7-3 Birds.

Als manage a TD with a bit of help from the OttRBs penalties who did have a strong goal line stand but Marsh tossed it into the end zone on 2nd down. 7-3 Larks!

I recall Leonard Nimoy took this question up in his "In Search Of" series back in the day. :wink:

Looking at the offensive stats where Ottawa and Montreal are 8th or 9th in almost every category. :oops: Nice to know there are teams worse than the Ticats in spite of the similar W/L records! :slight_smile:

And that facemask penalty was definitely suspect. Looked to me like he grabbed the ball carrier by the hair - nowhere near the facemask or helmet.

And again? Nope. That was a facemask this time.

Unlike the Ticats, these two teams' records are reflective of how they've been playing.

Crompton appears to have the larks' offense moving decently while the OttRBs can't buy a FD so their defense is going to tire and begin to lag.

Brown with a pick for the OttRBs! Can Hank get the troops fired up enough to get a FD or two (or more!)?

Slow moving game, to say the least