TwoColours at Gang Green Preseason Thread, Sat. 6.13, 6 pm

So Ottawa is finally back in the fold! It’s 14-10 Saskatchewan over the newcomers after a Durant TD toss, second quarter.

14-10 RIders at the half. This game is most notable so far for the special team returners. :slight_smile:


Oski-Oui-Oui's back with his awesome gameday thread titles! Love 'em!!!

Not only the most clever nickname in the entire forum, but a weekly chuckle with these titles! Keep it up, O-O-O!

One thing, however, O-O-O. It should be OSKEE-Oui-Oui!

With or without an accent? :wink:

I enjoy the nicknames too...just don't forget that "Spies" was 3 coaches ago... :oops:

No problem, PT...I am keeping the Spies nick retired. :wink: LOL

It's 21-10 for Saskatchewan, 9:15 left in the third quarter. It's clear that Ottawa has potential re its starters, but it will have depth issues as any expansion club can expect.

DeMarco to Patterson for a HUGE TD bomb!

It;s 21-17 now.

What's the crowd looking like tonight? Pretty full being its a riders road game at Taylor field? :?

Lots of empty seats, particularly in the end zones! Maybe 20,000...

Saskatchewan holding on to a four-point lead, 2:09 left in regulation.

21-17 Saskatchewan over Ottawa, final.