Joe Smith.

He just seems to get better each game, as he inches toward the team record for rushing yards/season.

Joe Smith is an animal. Love the way he plays. I don't know how it stands but I think he is the Lions MVP right now, without any question.

Who holds the current Lions rushing record for yards in a single season? Millington? Philpot? Drummond? (He was a Lion wasn't he?)

Philpot, but Smith should break that record this season.

Yeah. Joe Smith, aside from having the most generic name in profootball, is like a bull. I have to give major cudos to the BC Oline as well. It is a shame that Linemen still don't get the credit they deserve after all these years of football talk.

I do agree that Joe Smith is a great RB though. When he came in as a replacement a couple seasons ago, Wally must have known that this guy was going to be good.

he is proving himself as a running back and has had a great season. will be nice to see how he comapres to charlie this week in winnipeg. hopefully charlie can actually get a chance to run. at least he will los his back to back rushing titles to a well deserving contestant. u guys r lucky to have a back like that