Two weeks to go!

in keeping with the self imposed deadline for hiring a new gm, there are still 2 weeks left, although things should start to heat up on monday with one(taman) or two candidates(rita and mohns) being freed up to speak to the cats about the position.i would say that the cats will have permission as soon as the gun goes sometime around 4:15 sunday afternoon.we do know that barker is not leaving cowtown, higgins is not a candidate for the gm spot and popp will not be the new gm as he trashed mitchell in the news for axeing the parcel.obie will be one of the last guys talked to as i expect, as do many, for the lions to be coming east sometime tuesday.
who’s your guy, because it’s going to be one of the
following four.
pretty darn good pool to pick from.
enjoy the games, i can’t wait for talks to start so SM can begin the process to return this team to respectability after this 2007 debacle- sponsored by the parcel.

I could easily live with either O'Billovitch, Taman or Mohns...even if two of them have been tainted with the Double Blue thing.
I think any of these fellas could bring this team back to respectablity.
The big question is...would any of them want to keep Charlie?