Two weeks in the books... Surprises and disappointments

Title is pretty self explanatory, in this young season, who are your surprises and disappointments thus far (teams or players)





Both Toronto and Winnipeg have looked better than I thought they would with the amount of turnover both teams have endured. Neither team is setting the world on fire, but they've looked more cohesive than I would expect this early in the season.

Edmonton has been nothing short of a disappointment. They've moved the ball reasonably well in both games, but the number of field goals they've had to settle for is hugely disappointing. They were my pick to win the west, there wasn't a huge amount of turnover on the team, probably less than the other Western teams. While the season is still young and they could still go 16-2, they've been underwhelming thus far.

Hamilton has to be a disappointment as well, although some of us would just call it par for Kevin Glenn.

The Esks are taking too many penalties.. deserved or not, they are putting themselves in positions where flags are going to go against them. There are guys who become undiscplined at the worst possible time, and they kill drives or keep the other team's offence on the field. Those are mental mistakes that are inexcusable, like untimely penalties and dropped passes.. those brain cramps are fixable.

I don't know... I'm pretty surprised at how badly Edmonton is sucking! :smiley: It's a long season, but with back-to-back losses at home... be afraid.

Undisaplined and not executing are the major problems we keep beating ourselves.

I wasn't sure what category to put the Als in. I wouldn't exactly call them a disappointment but, in a negative way, they are a surprise. Their defense has been suspect especially their secondary and their o-line has had trouble protecting AC. The Als have given up 7 sacks in 2 games compared to last year when it was week 8 before they gave up their 7th sack. If they don't fix the o-line it could be shades of 2007 for AC.

No question losing Brian Chiu is causing problems, Also change at long snapper have caused problems and various problems on defense. but the Als record is the same as it was last year if you compare the same games. Last year the Als won in Saskatchewan and lost in Edmonton, this year they flipped those.

Als are starting the season with the toughest schedule of all eight teams... and have four new starters in their lineup, five if you count the long snapper.

Very disappointed with the Lions O-Line, but not surprised!!
I think our O-line has more holes than a sponge...

Edmonton has to be the biggest dissapointment so far. An 0-2 start at home really gives the rest of your division a head start to the season!

SIX TDs from the return game so far is the most pleasant surprise! Thigpen in Hamilton is making an early case for the Special Teams POY already!

I had forgotten about the Ticats, they are a bit of a disappointment as well. Seemed like they had a good shot at going 2-0 looking at their schedule to start the year.

Surprise: Brent Hawkins!! Marcus Thigpen!!
Disappointment: Damon

Hamilton will change. I don't think their year will be a disapointment, just the start of it. They're too good of a team now to roll over and die like years past.

Surprises :

Winnipeg (Although with Buck Pierce, I knew they would improve)
Toronto, (I expected them to be really bad, and they are 1-1)
Durrant Saskatchewan, was impressed with him Saturday night. Very patient, very methodical as he "picked" away at the Lions.



I am in no way surprised by Durant's performance!

I think they're good and they'll be on top for a long time this season.

Hamilton should have won their last time, but had a poor coaching decision to not take the FG in the fourth on 3rd and goal. They're pretty competitive this year.

  1. Biggest surprise week 2- Toronto's win in Winnipeg.
  2. Biggest disappointment- B.C. Lions quitting in the fourth quarter in their home league debut at Empire Stadium.
    and Lions fans who posted critically that Riders fans do not show up after terrible losses (this is incorrect we do and I'll gladly prove it with retroactive dates, comments and scores of games) but these same Lions fans are the ones sadly silent!?? You folks brought up this point - defend your team or give kudos to the opposition. Sometimes the truth hurts. :wink:

Riders Rule
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Defending Western Conference Champions


Darian Durant a good QB playing great, hasn't thrown a pic yet.
Argonauts discipline, lack of stupid penalties.
TV ratings, I knew the league was improving but the rating have been amazing.


Eskimos 0-2 start and folding in the 4th quarter.
Avon Colburne & DeAndra' Cobb so far.

Surprises - Toronto wins game 2 against a 'Peg team that won by 20pts the previous week

  • Toronto is developing a starting quarterback!
  • The # of times Ray went deep on Sunday, more than all of last season probably

Disappointments - Hamilton going 0-2 to start the season

  • Lions did not show up to win at Empire
  • Eskies going down the toilet with two big drops and two picks :cry:

I don't think you can say Colbourne is a disappointment. He isn't racking up the stats because Montreal isn't using him. Last week was a perfect example. Edmonton baited Montreal into a passing game, and Montreal ended up abandoning the running game as a result.