Two upcoming games against the Bombers.

Given our next two games are against Winnipeg, this is as good a time as any to start debating what it will take to win either or both games. For all the Bombers have appeared as disorganized as the Ticats in the early games this season, they have a lot of quality players who are every bit as motivated as the Ticats are to win these games.

If HAM can get most if not all of their key injuries back coupled with a growing confidence, there's no reason to rule out a sweep. At their best WPG is far from unbeatable - nevermind with a rookie QB.

Two wins for the tabbies.

Winnipeg's QB controversy will lead to dissension which will cause the Lions to maul them in Vancouver Monday night, which in turn will escalate the dissension.

Meanwhile, Hamilton is on an emotional high, gaining confidence with stronger D, pass rush and coaching that lead to an effective run game, and balanced attack by also using of LeFevour successfully. Also think Giguere's confidence must have been boosted.

Montreal's turmoil must also have the tabbies smelling blood, seeing the East is up for grabs knowing full well they should have beaten the Argos in week 1..

Plus and extended bye week allowing more healing for all the injuries.

The tabbies will give Austin their roll

Not a rookie. This is his 4th year in the league.

I see no reason why the the Ti-Cats can’t take both games. We’ve beaten them once before, they’ve been on a giant losing skid, their only win the season was against the faltering Montreal offense that got Dan Hawkins fired, and still managed to beat them once, they are using a relatively untested QB who stunk up the place in the pre-season and with Chris Garrett out at RB that does somewhat limit their ground attack. Unless they have an exceptional showing against BC, the Cats should be able to take both away. Home field advantage is certainly high in IGF but I’m pretty sure the majority of Winnipeg fans are calling out for Joe Mack’s and Tim Burke’s blood.

What this game comes down to is our defense has finally started to show signs of improvement and while our offense has been limited (in the ground game especially) Winnipeg’s offense hasn’t been able to get the job done. They’ve had one game over 30, and they didn’t even pull out a win that game. Winnpeg’s defense is dangerous, but because the offense isn’t winning the time of possession (which by the way would be a great statistic to add the game stats on the website) the defense is getting tired and giving up points.

We will win both because we are better than them. 8)
Our offense is light years ahead of theirs and our improved defense line play will pressure their QB into mistakes.
I would think our first of many INT's are coming soon. :thup:
I hope there is a boat in the new Stadium! :wink:

Lets give Peg "Das Boot". :cowboy:

To win even one the team has to eliminate stupid penalties, run a balanced attack, use LeFevour more on the short third downs (and don't restrict him and the offence to plunges). Bomber defence is really good, so the throwing pocket for both the QBs should be mobile, and Smiling Hank better be prepared to pass quickly.
A d line rush like last week in the first half for the entire game would be excellent

Split. Last game our secondary got picked apart in the last five minutes. You think that didn't go unnoticed by Winnipeg??
Our improved run game MAY show up and if it does, it will get us one game providing the defense remains steady. If we can play a consistently good game on both sides we will make it difficult for the Peg. But one game each way imo.

I say it will be a split series, with each team winning at home.

They'd better win the two against the Blue Bombers, cuz the 3 games after that are against the Lions, twice, and then the Stampeders.

It's time to pound the "PEG" !!! There is no reason we can't take down the BB's back to back.The way I see #1 in Winnipeg will be a disheartening close loss for them similiar to our Eskimo will be a see-saw battle throughout with us coming out on top 35-31 on a final minute T.D. drive.The 2nd game back home will be total rout from the get-go as we demolish a disheartened team that's in total dissaray.The score ,I'm thinking......oh! let's say 45-17.We move to 4-4 get back in the race in the east,the Bombers season will be pretty well done like dinner with them at 1-7.

The worst case scenario would be a split,but even then,we'd be 3-5(with a 2-1 gm. lead head-to-head),the BB's would be at 2-6.We would still be in good shape.....but this scenario ain't happening!!! no way,no how!!!!! Besides the BB's have to play the Lions before all this....and I'm thinking B.C.s going to take out their frustration after that game in T.O. and hammer the Peg. big time,softening them up for the 2 game beat down were going to lay on them after our break!!!!

As for the 3rd scenario,us losing both back to back.....THAT AIN'T HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!! Guarantee of the century on that one 100% no way,no how,not going to happen,impossible,forget about it,no chance,no siree Bob etc. etc. :rockin: :rockin: Heres a guarantee for you....the BOMBERS are done after we get through with them..Bye Bye BB's.your done!!!

There is no reason why we can't win both,

The Bummer offense is horrible and their defense is just not that good. People are confused by their sack count.... even that is dwindling...

There's no reason why the Cats can't win both. If they don't it won't be that the Bombers beat us but that the
Cats beat themselves. Winterpeg was not a good team last year and I think they got worse in the off season. Buck Pierce being grounded for Golz might bite them in the butt. With the bye week we should have some players coming off the DL. With a renewed Ground attack and (hopefully) Fantuz back they have enough talent to score some points. There's now a pass rush developing and with the secondary getting healthy maybe a few sacks will be added to the total. I'll be taking the Cats on my TSN picks, and I'm kicking Shultzies butt so far.

It's nice to see the caretaker posting more on the forums.

We should have Fantuz and a few other key guys back from injuries, and our O and D lines are playing much better. Unless we turn the ball over 5 times per game, we should not only sweep the Bombers, but destroy them. I think after this series is over, Joe Mack will be fired. Unless the Bombers can't afford to because they are in debt to their eyeballs to pay for their new stadium.

Get the o line going along with the pass rush we saw agains't the Eskies, Fantuz back with Giguere starting to "get' the CFL game and Ellingson, we should be ok to win one fine and maybe two luckily.

As Coach Jim Trimble said about the Bombers, "We'll waffle them!"
I've got to start dealing in the 21st Century. Sorry guys.

If they can not win these two games then try as you might they may not make the playoffs. My issue is inconsistency, coaching going to a three man D-line in the fourth quarter was another bumbling mistake. The line was doing extremely well and the backfield did not a bad job until that 4th quarter. You put extra backs in everyone is scrambling and you have miscues which for by the grace of god we did not lose the game. Play calling on offense and execution is still not that great in the last 30 minutes of football. I like to believe the nuts and bolts are there but if we do not clean clocks in these two games our chances are extremely suspect. No more of this slacking off in the last 30 minutes especially on offense. I voted we win both but I did so very reluctantly.

I'll wait to see how healthy the team is after the bye. Too many times this year I've hoped to get a bunch of players back from injury, only to find out the roster is even more depleted than the previous week.

I think it's generally tough to sweep these home and home series', but it's already been done three times this year. That's opposed to just one split (Montreal-Winnipeg).

Caretaker, we have a young team, many rookies and injured players as we get these injured starters back in the line up we will be that much more competitive and win games. I think against Winnipeg in Back to Back games if we can play hard and learn to capitalize on scoring in the red zone and stay competitive in four quarters of football we will win, we have to learn to keep the scoring going throughout the game not just the first half and finish our games with a lead and victory!