Two TV programs well worth it

I binged watched "1883" the other night with Sam Elliot. The prequel to Yellowstone'' . Terrific. 10 episodes on Paramount plus. Just sooooo good.

And a movie on the same Paramount plus. Jerry and Madge Go Large. A true story about a retired guy who finds a flaw in the lottery. Bryan Cranston and Annettee Benning. I loved this movie.

Paramount plus is offering a week free so ....


I haven’t seen Yellowstone but my coworker raves about it. I’ll have to check those both out (always loved Sam Elliot).
Thanks for the movie tip, too. Love Bryan Cranston shows and the plot sounds intriguing.

Yeah Yellowstone is great TV. 1883 brigs us right up to how and why that family got to Montana

Let me know what you think if you watch them.

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Well now I am going to add this movie to my PlayList along with Seal Team and some new pirate series.

A few years ago there was an excellent episode of "American Greed" with a similar plot of a real scam. Here's the preview to it:

Jerry and madge go large....this movie is not in any way about greed.

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I hear Yellowstone is good.
Sam Elliot is the bomb.

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Yup...Yellowstone is terrific. 1883 the prequel takes us right up to how young John Dutton ends up in his future home in Yellowstone Montana. The adult John Dutton is played by Kevin Costner.

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