Two Thumbs up to TSN

they made the best compromise possible work almost to perfection.

they kept the opening ceremonies on TSN as they should because,

A - whatever is already on should stay on til finished
b - more people and sponsers want the Olympics on

at the same time, they did put it on for us on tsn2 and somehow got the league to prospone the start as long as possible

result, to all the whiners, you missed a kickoff and 2 freaking plays, and nothing spectacular.

and Paul should be respected more than anyone else ever in the music industry, regardless of age or music preference.

Would you be saying that if Montreal had returned the opening kickoff for a TD?

yes because

a - I dont want to see that happen
b - there would be all kinds of replays to catch it.

According to my TV Guide the opening ceremonies was being carried live on over 15 channels. The CFL game was supposed to be on 1 channel, TSN. Shunting the game off to TSN2, which isn't widely available in BC (not part on basic or digital cable, it must be ordered separately) was a poor decision...not a big deal but perhaps indicative of how they perceive the CFL. It's not the first time they've done this. TSN wouldn't dream of pre-empting their beloved NFL even if WWIII broke out.

oh bull. You clearly are not being objective about this and dont understand the importance of olympic dollars, (afterall tsn is a business) or the popularity of it. Doesnt matter if they had NFL or NHL scheduled, it still would have been the same

its your choice to be too cheap to order tsn2

Not who isn't being objective? :stuck_out_tongue:

...meanwhile over on the forum there are a lot of po'd people that have TSN2 only... :twisted:

TSN did this same thing last year…not televising the first half hour of a CFL game to “finish up” coverage of a golf match. The sad part was the tourney was over, but TSN carried 20 minutes of wrap up interviews and commercials, all the while the CFL game was on (and unseen). Very frustrating. They got tons of hate mail over that one, with their usual excuse…“American sports always pre-empt the CFL and must be carried to their conclusion not matter how boring or inconsequential…it’s part of the contract, nothing we can do.”

:lol: :lol:

I hate it when they do that.

Did TSN send a bunch of their camera men to London too? Some of the camera work in this game has been pretty crappy.

So ? what's he doing on a 'sports' network ?

oh really :roll:

Well I'm sure people watching MuchMusic don't particularly care to see a football player; so when I turn on a sports network, I don't expect to see some singer.

well then, I guess that rules out all anthem and half time singers

I'd have no problem with that. I've never understood why we have to play the national anthem at sporting events anyway.

TSN generally does an excellent job with their CFL broadcasts and are a good partner with the league. I'll be their biggest long as they show the games and not shunt them off to a secondary channel.

at least they provide a secondary channel. Does any other canadian network do that??

well, now ya all know how the rest of the world feels when one of our beloved sporting events runs long and they miss the beginning of their show...difference is the announcers know when we tuned in and can catch us up to speed.

Seems like a small price to pay for the CFL. TSN has had a 6 year deal in which they made out on with the revenue the CFL received for the consistant ratings. The Negotiations after the 2013 season will give the CFL a lot of leverage do to these things. With the consitant TV ratings the CFL will have a huge bargaining chip. Things like the Olympic coverage and Euro 2012 only come around every now and again but the CFL ratings are solid each week and each year. If TSN wants to keep exclusive coverage they are going to have to pay up to make up for these occasions where he CFL has to take a back seat.
TSN offered at the time a great revenue package for each team in the league but now the tables have turned. Time for Cohon to play some Hard ball and use the leverage they have as suddenly the CFL has become a solid investment for a Network to cover.

TSN , is owned by BELL and ESPN. BELL , owns , CTV. CTV , is BELL's main network even though CFL games on TSN during the regular season out draw [by far] NFL games on , CTV.


BELL... Has to justify spending many , many millions of $$$ that they paid for the Summer games and the many millions of $$$ that they paid to show NFL games. Both lose CTV money but are important for their status [image].

As far as the NFL on TSN is concerned , they have a contract with the NFL via ESPN not pre emp any NFL games or any other feeds from ESPN like , NASCAR. That is also why CFL games can't be shown on CTV. I remember when a Bomber game was delayed being shown on TSN because a NASCAR race had not finished on time. We missed the first quarter of that game. Boy was I mad am I am sure that TSN wanted to show the much higher T.V. rated CFL game rather than NASCAR. But TSN had no choice because of their contract with , ESPN. :thdn:

The moral of this story?

Be careful about whom you get in bed with. There is no such thing as a free lunch.