Two things need help...Coaching and QB

Ok, I'm frustrated after watching tonights game. But, WTF was with the play call at the end of the game....or the 2 and 1 play with Porter getting sacked. Way too many calls that were coaching mistakes. We simply got out coached tonight...not else.

About QB....Glenn is very overrated. Under throws, double coverage, suicide passes, etc. I don't get the hype. I guess I'm just not a Glenn fan(I keep tryin' but it just isn't there). Glenn's strength is reading the play, but just doesn't have the arm to make it happen. I would like to see Porter or Boltus in a few downs.

On a good note...our running game was good. AVON!!

Offense posted 27 points despite the missed Medlock FG and Williams's goal-line fumble on what would have been a Hamilton TD. I don't think they're the problem. When the Cats needed a stop, their defense came up empty.

I was okay with the QBing tonite. I still don't get the skipped or into the ground throws on 10 yard outs but overall, QBing isn't our major issue.

Our major issue is coaching. I am done with MB. DONE! We have superstar players but they play like middle of the road players. We need a coach who can take us to the next level. MB was our transition coach. Now we need a new coach to bring us up that notch and play to what we are capable of.

We are going to be 9-9 AGAIN this year! AGAIN! I'm glad that we are making the playoffs consistently now but that's not good enough. MB will make it through this season, but not the offseason!


That's a fair assessment..Kevin Glenn could try not to overthrow people and get picked...and then have that pick return for a TD...

It was Canada Deja vu all over again!!!

They posted 34 points, just that lame pass interception yielded the points to the wrong team. Basically we gave up 14 points, 7 to them and 7 we lost by fumbling away on the 1/4 inch line. Although we did get some rushes on Buck, most times he was able to scramble and toss the ball away, and on several occasions he was able to get the ball downfield, but missed a wide open receiver. If we are going to blitz we got to, 1) GET TO THE QB for the sack, or 2) make him through off line or poorly. Just not happening so far this year, bar one game against the Riders. Those air balls that are up for grabs are great for refs, they love to call pass interferene.

This defense needs to produce some sacks, and get some turnovers.

I like MB as a person but he past his best before date. THat fake call on 2 and 1 killed us, could have been an easy first etc., just an attempt by a coach to to do something outside the box wherein at that time, and that point on the field, the only thing that mattered was possession. To compound MB's mistakes, he had the choice of wind or ball in the second half and took the ball. He should have taken the wind in the 4th as the game was tied at half. The field position battle eventually hurt us and we were not able to get back into FG range.

MB will be hard pressed to go 9-9 this year again, and unless he makes it to the Grey Cup, he is unemployed, or ought to be unemployed.

sorry it was not the qb or the coach who A missed the to feild goals or B dropped the the td catch by Williams

Didn't we have 3 or 4 sacks tonight? How many should we get in a game?


Glenn needs to throw deep more. The other teams Defence knows that he "can't" do it. So they use press coverage. Rush Glenn into throwing short. That is coaching. Hamilton just doesn't adapt.

You make no sense!!!

First you blame Glenn for not having a strong arm then you say that coaching is the reason for this???

Glenn is a sometimes inaccurate QB..And he tends to lock in on receivers...That's definately NOT coaching...

I'm not a MB fan, but the fake on 2 and 1 was not a poor call. One of our guys totally missed his block and Willis had a free shot at Porter.

Thiggy should have been used more - that's my main coaching criticism.

Then who threw the ball for a pick six in the first quarter?

4 plays in this game that could have resulted in a completely different game

  1. Glenn pick six
  2. Williams fumble
  3. Double reverse flea flicker
  4. Bo Smith PI call

Those last 2 were the reason why the Bombers scored TDs on those drives. Winnipeg's offense did not impress me.

You could also add the 2 and 1 play but a block was missed. Also, the missed field goal but a 52 yarder is tough to make. But it should never have come down to the field goal as we should have been way ahead on the score board.


The Pick-6 was overcome...

Lost by 3...Missed Field Goal,anyone??

Boneheaded play by a receiver whi did'nt play to the whistle,anyone??

A missed FG from 53 yards is your complaint? From a kicker who is over 80% on he season?

A 53 yarder is never a sure thing.

All we are is nothing more than a .500 team and that is all.


Thank you.

A missed FG from 53 yards is your complaint? From a kicker who is over 80% on he season?

A 53 yarder is never a sure thing.
No it's not...

But that's his job!

How 'bout Williams brain cramp???

125 yards in penalties?