Two things better about NFL than CFL

they have this penalty protecting receivers called something like "an illegal hit on a defenseless player" I have long wanted to see more protection for receivers in the CFL

also, to be expected, but just the same, I really like how more professional their broadcast crews are.

I like the 40 second play clock that starts immediately after every play. The two minute offense is a lot faster in the NFL.

Then go watch the NFL and stop posting this drivel here. This is a CFL forum and many people including myself don't care what you think about the NFL.

I didn't start this to be a pro NFL thread

my main point is that I think the CFL should learn from the NFL and do a better job of protecting our receivers.

The 40 second play clock is horrible, if a team has the ball + lead with 2 minutes left, you might as well leave because the game is over a vast majority of the time.
The NFL has 10 minute drives or ugh almost 12 minute drives... 2 possessions and the Quarter is done, you can actually have a half with 3 possessions. lol, thankfully you can't have a CFL quarter with under 3 possessions.

What's more professional about their broadcasts?

I prefer the TSN/CFL talent(except Rod Black), the one thing I'd definitely like to see brought in from that's NFL-ish is more pre-game/post game coverage.
Having a weekly CFL re-cap/preview show of like an hour would also be good, Especially since there isn't anything else on in the summer on Mon-Wed, there are definitely time slots that can be filled.

How many recs really get hurt from hits that would be penalized in the NFL that aren't already penalized in the CFL under the head shot rule?

Agree, I hate the 40 sec clock for that very reason, allows too much dead time near the end for a team to just walk off the field for a win when they should be, more often, requiring to get a first down to keep possession. I hope the CFL never goes to that rule.

I suppose anything to protect receivers from dangerous hits is a good thing.

In terms of the professionalism of their broadcast crews, well I'm sure they are getting a much higher salary than in Canada with all the money the American networks could pay and of course football there is arguably the no. 1 sport so you're going to have more people, higher percentage, that really know their football inside and out, a bigger pool of broadcast talent to choose from. Plus the large stadiums and more money for more cameras etc. But I think TSN and the crews do a pretty decent job nonetheless with having much less resources to work with.

The CFL brought in a rule several years ago, allowing refs to call penalties against defenders who flagrantly hit receivers who obviously didn't touch the ball.

The things I love about the NFL the most are the kickoffs into the endzone (much safer); free catches on punt returns (returners rarely gain much yardage anyways); 4-downs, so teams can waste a play in every series (ploy straight ahead for 1-2 yds or throw the ball away); the NFL time-clock which allows players to catch their breath between plays; the camera angles and production values are more professional in the NFL than on TSN. The NFL is the greatest, most successful and best sport in all the world! :stuck_out_tongue:

4 downs sucks, should be just for kids leagues. Catch their breath between plays? Is that a joke? Those kicks into the endzone are friggin amazin'!! :stuck_out_tongue: Free catches on punts, again a kiddy rule. :stuck_out_tongue:

Xv, the NFL is a league, not a sport. :lol:

I agree, this belongs in the other league thread as it is not from I have read about improving the CFL but is promoting the NFL. All are entitled to their opinions but I think this belong on the other page.

Voilà une bonne partie de ce qui fait que j'aime mieux le football canadien.

Les règles du football canadien forcent une attaque plus agressive, plus diversifiée entre le court, moyen et le long jeu. Les joueurs de la défensive doivent être capables de couvrir plus de terrain, quelle que soit leur position. La capacité athlétique des joueurs est plus sollicitée à cause des 20 secondes entre les jeux, du mouvement illimité avant la remise et de la dimension du terrain. Y a-t-il plus moche qu'un botté sans retour? Aucun suspense. Pas de retours spectaculaires, pas d'échappés forcés retournés pour un touché, bref, pas de jeu.

On pourrait en parler longtemps et le débat ne serait jamais clos. Il s'agit avant tout de préférences personnelles, et ce qui est bien, c'est qu'il y en a pour tout le monde.

Les règles du football canadien apportent des dimensions stratégiques différentes.

Ladies and gents, I know the 20 second clock is a huge selling point but when you really really think about it.. its a contrivance.

CFL: 20 seconds from play blown in

NFL: 40 seconds from end of previous play

Actual difference in elapsed time: Often no more than 5 seconds.

Outside of the 3 minute warning in the CFL the game clock ALWAYS runs with the play clock regardless of the previous play having ended in an incomplete pass, out of bounds, time-out or even a score in the case of the convert. Under 3 minutes in the second and fourth quarters the clock rules magically change such that the clock runs more similarily to the NFL in that the game clock will not run with the play clock in the case of time-out, incomplete pass, run out of bounds etc. This packs more plays into the final 3 minutes but really doesn't add to the number of plays in the game.

So for those who would complain that the NFL wastes time in the final two minutes, the mathematical truth of the matter is that both leagues run about the same number of plays per game. The CFL simply does its time wasting (to keep things under 3 hours for TV) by running the clock for everything INCLUDING EXTRA FRIGGEN POINTS when not under the 3 minute warning. The NFL has consistent time clock rules for the entirety of the game.

The reason there are more drives in the CFL has to do with the 3 downs and NOT the clock rules.

60 minutes, roughly the same number of plays. If you consider a game as being number of plays available to play as opposed to how much time is on the clock, the dramatic effect is the same. Where 3 minutes is crunch time in the CFL, 5 or 6 minutes is similar crunch time in the NFL.

The CFL clock rules make for contrived drama.

Three words; No Fun League.
Enough said.

I was at a Saints game in September and for some reason it seemed like an eternity between plays, and god forbid a player go down, then it was nap time between plays. Then again...I was pretty hung over so that could've played into the equation.

joedavtav wrote: The CFL clock rules make for contrived drama.
Well IMHO any drama in sports is contrived really. The bottom line is I see far more games in the NFL where teams can run out the clock and preserve a win without actually even attempting to get a first down with more time on the clock than in the CFL. I don't really care why that is the case to be honest, it just is. And that just sucks for me as part of the NFL's contrived drama. Don't get me wrong, I like the NFL, it's a different form of the same sport of gridiron and I enjoy both. I just prefer the CFL game more.

You want contrived drama, the shootout in hockey is about as contrived as it gets.

You're absolutely right Earl.. Sports in general is contrived drama.

Gridiron football is the product of gradual change and generally, I love the game for what its become.

I do feel though that both the NFL and CFL could use a general cleanup of the rules. Many of the changes are the product of band-aid solutions that have made things that were once simple into a complex myriad of scenarios. I'm not advocating we deregulate hits to the head and safety based rules. I do think that things like different applications for illegal kicks out of bounds be it for the kick-off, punts or place-kicks from scrimmage could be cleaned up and made consistent and easier to understand.

The same could be said for clock rules.

Perhaps a compromise of a 30 second play clock with the game clock running or not running consistently inside or outside of the 3 minute warning would be a cleaner approach.

I think the aesthetics of the game can be maintained while making it simpler for the potential new fan to grasp.

Yes, I often hear from people that don't watch football it's complicated and they don't understand it. But then they watch baseball. Well IMHO baseball is harder to explain to someone not familiar with both than football, albeit the strategies in football are more difficult to explain, well to be honest I don't understand all the terminology and strategies of football either really. But the essence of football is easier than baseball I think. Agree, the governing bodies can do more to streamline it, both sides of the border. If that's possible? :?

as far as game clock goes, I would prefer it to be the same on all plays. Stop running at end of play. Start running at start of next play. I see no reason for it to be different on running plays. I hate to see the clock running when nothing is happening.

I like the idea of the 40 seconds clock however, for 3 minutes left in each half, the play clock should remains 20 seconds. However, on an incomplete pass or out of bounds that stops the clock, the game clock starts again with 20 seconds play clock according to the CFL timing rules make sense rather than 40 seconds. 40 seconds only makes sense if there is a tackle on the field in the bound that keeps the clock running for first 27 minutes of each half. This is my take on this issue.

I timed the average continuous game clock with the 20 seconds play clock and it took off 35 to 40 seconds off of the game clock even with 20 seconds play clock. So if the CFL introduce a special rule and establish the 35 or 40 seconds play clock only if there is a tackle made in the bound and use 20 seconds play clock on incomplete passes, out of bound tackles, and the 3 minute warning and the 3 minutes left in the game.

The NFL also has three timeouts per half. I have seen very exciting two minute drills in the NFL over the season. The NFL requires time management skills and ball carriers getting out of bounds as opposed to the Cfl