Two suggested names for the Grey Cup

When we win the game on Sunday, we'll have the opportunity to add all of our players' names to the cup. I hope the team considers adding the two following names as they both played a big role in getting us here...

  1. Michael Young - brother of Bob, who used the inheritance he received from Michael to fund his purchase of the team and all of his mega (millions!) losses since then. Michael was a HUGE Ticat fan which is why Bob stepped up to the plate and bought the team just after settling his brother's estate.

  2. The 13th man. This year has been remarkable, to say the least, with how the fans have connected with the players on the field, and showed their support by being totally raucous whenever our defense was on the field. He (13th man) played a big part in our undefeated home record at THF and our playoff victory. He (13th man) is very deserving of this recognition in my opinion.

To all who say this is premature and might jinx the team, take note that I am not superstitious and there seems to be a real tide of momentum on our side. I will be surprised if our team loses on Sunday. It can happen, but I don't believe it will.


I absolutely love the sentiment behind these suggestions, but I am personally opposed. I believe the right to have your name inscribed on the Cup is a sacred privilege earned each and every single day over the course of a long, gruelling season. I would also be concerned that these would be the first of many 'gimmicky' inscriptions and would get really absurd over time. For example, had the team we hate the most have won, would they then have wanted to inscribe the name of the popular stadium vendor that passed away this year after 30+ years of loyal support?

Again, I LOVE what this stands for, I LOVE the idea of honouring both suggestions, I just think inscribing the names on the trophy is the wrong idea.

Couldn't agree more :thup:

The Grey Cup is sacred to me. It is intended for players and close team affiliates like coaches and managers only.

While I love the idea of supporting Michael Young and "The 13th Man,'" I would be more than willing to support

something special for Michael. In terms of the 13th man, we already have our reward. Nothing more is owed to us.

Ah, how 'bout no?

I think this is a really bad idea, and it will never happen.

I think you are spot on if your suggesting something needs to be done as far as recognition.

Thank you for your responses. Although the consensus is that this is not a good idea, perhaps it might spark some other suggestions on what to do to honour both Michael and 13th. I hadn't thought of how people might feel by putting a 'ceremonial' name or two on the cup. I now understand your concerns and respect your opinions.

Perhaps in the dressing room as the players are drinking champagne from the cup they could offer a toast to both Michael and 13th. I still remember Danny Mac when he was interviewed post game made sure to tell the TV audience that Hamilton was the only city in the country to win a national football championship in each decade of the 20th century. He was, and is, a man who recognizes history.

That's all for now, as I must go back to stuffing the ballot box for Speedy B.

As you were...