Two straight wins...mean anything?

Nothing you have just said changes the fact that Hamilton would have won that game against the Argos if Williams started instead on Chang. End of story.

Just like Winnipeg would have won today if the game was 5 quarters right???


The Argos played with great intensity in the 1st half, but overall as a game they really didn't play that great.

They got 14 points off of "cheap" scores. (The kickoff return and the interception return). That means they really only scored 17 "true" points. They would have lost this game if not for that. They were also lucky that Winnipeg didn't show up until the second half.

I know you think this is a joke, but if this game went on a little longer, the Bombers take it for sure.

Your logic is great if you completely throw out the rules of football. "Cheap scores", "true" points...gimmie a break. Its fans like you that give the CFL a bad name.

I'm not throwing out any rules.

I'm just saying that some points in games are more earned than others. You have to admit that kick returns and interception returns for touchdowns are more luck and don't require the same amount of work and skill than say a 75 yard drive from your own end.

Football used to be rugby, they just added downs, forward passes and helmets. All points taken to the goal area count for the same regardless of how they got in.

How does your post debunk what cflisfun said? Obviously you have no credible rebuttal because you probably realize that he is right.

You are the type of fan who gives the CFL a bad name!

Before I start, I would like Waterdownargos to know that I am an Argo fan.

Yes we won yesterday, but we didn't play that well as a game in whole. Our intensity was awsome in the first half, but it seemed like we were trying to hold on for the last half of the game. We were LUCKY to win.

Fourteen points off of lucky "fluke" plays (the kick return and interception return)aren't going to happen every game.

We were badly outplayed in the 2nd and 3rd quarters and in the game as a whole. We were lucky to hold on. Look at the game stats if you don't believe me.

Before we can really consider ourselves "The Beast of the East" we need to play with intensity and confidence for a full 60 minutes. Our offence needs to get better. We really only scored 17 points on offence if you take away the fluke points. That's not going to cut it in most games.

Winnipeg had some bad breaks in the first half (missed field goals that should have been made, etc.)

Let's face it, we were lucky to win yesterday. We have to get better.

Waterdownargos, if you are happy with this win, I think you are misguided.

Yes, it was great to win, but I just wish it felt like we deserved it more.

CLFisfun doesn't even know what team he is cheering for. One minute he's a Stamps fan, then an Argos fan. There's only eight teams, pick one. Also his arguements are always that the Argos won by some fluke and that the other team is actually the winner by some statistical reasoning. A win is a win. You want to talk about flukes? what about all the tipped passes that Winnipeg got in the 4th, if thats not luck i don't know what is.

I agree that those tipped passes were luck. No argument there. I never have changed my team. I am a Calgary fan and would never cheer for the Argos. I don't know what you are talking about.

In another post you said cflisfun is cfl123. I think you are getting us confused since we appear to have similar views and agree about a lot of things.

Well given that Richie Williams managed a comeback win against the Streaking Stampeder's plus the fact that Toronto was dominated in Week 12 by BC with JJ at the controls, perhaps you shouldn't be so cocky after all?

Its not as if you blew out the Bombers either (who were missing Milt Stegal) :wink: