Two straight wins...mean anything?

Well, with back to back wins, Toronto may feel lucky to have Bishop back.

But does it really mean anything when it was against Hamilton (no offence)? I mean, Hamilton's QBs haven't been too steady, and they've been missing Jesse Lumsden for few games.

How do you think the Argos will fair against the BC Lions next week?

Could this momentum from both solid O & D push us to get the win?

Yes, I know a lot of questions. But I want to hear what you guys think!

  • Scott

BC Lions with Jerious Jackson? As long as they can stop Joe Smith runnning Bishop will get r done on offense. Argos D is the best in the league bar none, you just can't win with a 3rd string QB and no running game.

No, those two wins mean absolutely nothing. Toronto is not as good as they think they are.

Even though the Argos won in what appeared to be a blow-out yesterday, if you look at the stats the Ticats actually outplayed the Argos. If they had started Williams instead of Chang, Hamilton would have cruised to an easy win. Wait until Printers start and you have Williams as the back up! Here are the surprising stats:

Ham Tor
First Downs 23 17
Yards Rushing 173 69
Yards passing 181 305
Total offence 344 374
Team losses 10 12
Net offence 344 374
Passes made-tried 17-32 16-28
Return yards 361 203
Intercepts yards by 1-58 4-140
Fumbles-lost 1-0 0-0
Sacks by 0 1
Punts-average 5-41.6 3-43.3
Penalties-yards 6-53 3-30
Time of Possession 35:23 24:37

Toronto scored 2 touch downs off of easy interceptions. If you take the points away, you got a much closer game.

The Argos seems to think they're back to being a good team, but I am not so confident.
Realistically, the Argos didn't win yesterday, they were given the victory by Timmy Chang.

Are you an idiot? The game was over in the third Q and the Argos went to sleep yes making the game look close on paper. Football games are won by not committing turnovers and the Argos were mistake free until Butler came in. Bishop moved the ball at will and Prefontaine missed an easy field goal. Look at the team stats, the Argos D is the best in the league if you consider they have the #2 ranking and they have been on the field 75% of the time for most of the season due to injuries on offense.

No, I'm not an idiot. Why do you have to stoop to name calling?

You obviously didn't read my post very closely did you? I said that if Chang hadn't started, Hamilton would have won the game. He was the one who committed the turnovers and it wasn't like they were forced by a "great" Argo defence, they were easy.

You can think what you like, but the stats don't lie.

I agree with the spirit of the "Are you an idiot?" post.... without the "are you an idiot" part lol

You can use the stats from the end of the fourth quarter and extrapolate over the whole game. That would imply butler played the whole game, with the rest of the Argos asleep. It's just bad stats, i'm afraid.

If Chang hadn't started? Then who is throwing the ball Maas? Printers? Its easy to just look at the stats and say that was a close one, but in reality you have to have seen the game story.

You guys don't seem to get it. I'm saying that if Williams started in place of Chang Hamilton would have won the game.

As it is, the game stats were basically even with the exception of intercepts by. That was the difference in the game. Toronto scored 1 touchdown return and 1 virtual touchdown return as result of interceptions. The other 2 interceptions were not as costly.

But, you can't tell me that those two touchdowns were a result of a great Argo offence. They were easy interceptions that gave Toronto 14 "gift" points. Take those points away and you have a much closer game.

All I'm saying is that if Williams started the game, Toronto probably doesn't get those interceptions and Hamilton likely wins.

That is the game story.

richie williams is the franchise like houston rocket!

No I don't think Williams is the franchise, but I do believe he is better than Chang and will be a great back up for Printers.

Did you even watch the game? Just because a backup QB comes in late in the game and completes a few passes and a few TDs and makes the stats look close doesn't mean a thing. Football games are won by the team that makes the most plays when it counts, not when the game is out of reach by the third quarter. The stats and score flatters the Ticats.

I think that you are the one who didn't watch the game. The stats flatter Toronto, not Hamilton.

Toronto scored 14 points off of 1 interception return and 1 virtual return that ended up as an easy score.

Take that away, and allow Williams to have played longer and the stats would have heavily favoured Hamilton.

By the way, Williams played most of the 3rd and all of the 4th quarter. It wasn't at the end of the game. If the game had gone on longer. Hamilton would have won. You don't have to agree with me, but I think if you were honest with yourself, you would.

I was sitting in the front row, you are speculating so much that its not even funny instead of basing your argument on facts.
a) Hamilton's secondary and overall pass defence is the worst in the league and Bishop picked them apart again, if Butler wasn't put in we "maybe, might have, quite possibly, probably" would have scored more points.
Even Ticat fans are in acknoledgement that their secondary sucks @$$ and they have no pass rush and the least sacks in the league- are you a Cat fan?
b) Williams has not been tested in a real game sitiution when the game is on the line and the score is close, or started a game for that matter.
c)You are trying to make chicken salad with chicken %^$#

No, I'm not a Ticat fan. I am a Stampeders fan. However I like to say that I am a CFL fan.

Yes, Hamilton's secondary was horrible on the first few drives of yesterday's game, but I think they started to get it together over the last half of the game. If Bishop was so effective, why did he not score more TDs. Toronto scored 35 points of which almost half were as a result of 2 interceptions that were brought back for touchdowns. Albeit, one wasn't quite brought all the way back, but almost. That's 14 of their 35 points.

So really, Bishop only generated 21 points of offence against what you said is the worst secondary in the league. You also state that Hamilton didn't get very many sacks. That must mean that the rush attack on Bishop was minimal. Why then, didn't the Argos score over 50 points. This doesn't make Bishop sound too good, does it?

Bish is the man, he can put the ball anywhere on the field. He can make it rain. Prefontaine missed an utter chip shot in the 1st quarter, which happened after a long drive inside the ten yrd line - thats two points right there. The Argos are undefeated with Bishop. When we lose with Bishop then come and talk to me. Remember how he torched the Stamps earlier this year?? Thats right...

If Richie Williams is as good as CFLisfun thinks he is then Hamilton just wasted a couple of million signing Printers. Obviously the Hamilton coaches don't agree with you. He has been in their camp for a year and a half now so I think they have a good idea what to expect from him. Maybe he did surprise them and maybe he will be another Damon Allen but I don't think so. Some guys can handle the game action pressure many can't. Looks like Williams is the type that can Chang looks like the type that can't. However, as good as Williams looked against an Argo defense that had relaxed and did not blitz him it would be a different story if Richie had started the game against an Argo defense that still had its game face on. But at least the kid showed he can execute with accurate passes and move around to buy time for receivers to find some open spaces. But saying the Ticats would have won if he started is quite a stretch. However he did show promise that he may be able to play in the league down the road.

Hey Waterdownargos and Doubleblue listen to me this time.

After tonight's game between Hamilton and Calgary you must now realize that I was right about Ritchie Williams.

He came into the game late in the 2nd quarter and rallied the Ticats to their second win of the year against the hottest team in the CFL!

Like I said before, Toronto was lucky to win that game at Rogers Centre. If Williams had started instead of Chang, I'm pretty certain Hamilton would have won.

I showed you the stats of that game and you just blew them off and said some crap about the Argo defence letting up because of their lead. I don't think Calgary was letting up and look what happened to them. It think that now even you two guys will admit that I was right.

Oh, and by the way, I'm a Stamps fan and even though my team lost to Hamilton I can still see the value of a quarterback like Ritchie Williams.

The Ticats didnt have Lumsden for the Argo games, and the Argo's defense is in a completely different league than Calgary's.

No, there is no question that Calgary's defence was not letting up, but the Stamps defense is also crap. The Argos defence is in another class from Calgary who is only good because of their offence. Granted Williams is going to be a good QB, but the Argos won that game because they have a good D. Just let it go bud.