Two Silver Seats and two mini-footballs for $59. Great Deal!

With the Cats having eight home games loaded to within a ten week period this season including four home games during the month of August - it is understandable some games might not be selling all that well in advance. So to move some tickets the next few days the Ti-Cats are offering a GREAT deal on Silver tickets for their home games on August 15th against the Lions and 27th against the Als. Two Silver seats and two mini-footballs for $59.00. (Silver seats are regularly something like $63 each). I’m going to pick up a pair to give to nieces and nephews for each game.

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8) They sent me an e-mail several days ago with an even better offer, exclusive only to season ticket holders.
   2 Gold seats for the Argo game (home opener) , for 50% off !!!  

   Sounds like ticket sales are not going so good, even for the home opener against the Argos.

    I agree with what you are saying TravelPatB, so many home games in such a short period of time.....but still, it makes  
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good deal! Havent sat in the silver section yet what is the view like in the upper deck?

I have seasons in 216 (east upper stands) and the view is great. Good overall field position and you can see everything.