Two random observations

Two things I noticed over the last couple days:

  1. While Hamilton doesn't win many in Calgary, they do have a history of great defensive efforts in that stadium. I can think of a game in 2009 when Porter was the starter. The Cats also lost that game by just a point or two, like the other night. But not just in recent history. I can remember games from the 90's and earlier 00's also where the Cats played great D in Calgary. Just a trend I have noticed.

  2. With the extension of an injured Gaydosh (announced) today, and the at least two seasons they gave Atkinson to heal before he ever suited up once, the Ticats are THE place for talented young DT; regardless of injuries or anything else. If they have proven talent, Austin will be as dedicated to them as any of the star players. The Austin Ticats treat prime Canadian DT's like rare minerals, and I really respect that dedication they have to playing quality Canadians inside the D-line.

Atkinson will see action this year at least, but is on the 1-game IL ATM.


  1. While professional athletes shouldn't need any extra incentive to play their best, you can bet your bottom dollar that they get pumped up to play against the top offences in the league. They see it as a challenge, to shut down Cornish, to make that goal-line stand, to make the interceptions, etc. They also know that there are some important injured starters on Offence, so I feel that they took the game on their shoulders to make up for the lack of offensive support.

  2. I think that Austin has proven that if you are committed, dedicated, and loyal to the team, the team will return that loyalty and dedication to you. It makes this team one of the most desirable teams for which to play.

Note that both Gaydosh and Atkinson are both national players in a position that is normally filled with internationals. I'm thinking most teams would hang onto their ratio busters if they showed promise like these two.

Well to be fair, I think #2 is a stretch, and could just be outright wrong. How many committed, dedicated, loyal players have been cut and released?

This a business and comes down to talent and potential. If #2 was true, someone like Dave Stala would be on the team, but those qualities are nice to have, but NOT the most important.

The commitment this team has shown with Gaydosh and Atkinson goes far beyond loyalty. The coaches clearly want what those two offer, and have been infinitely patient with both; beyond what they have been with most other players or positions.

Atkinson especially is the perfect build for a DT, at just 6'0" and 300+, and he even got a sack last season in limited action.

Anyway, the point of observation #2 was that there is clearly something special about those two guys specifically. Also, wasn't Laurent extended? If not, he should be. Hazime also has a lot of promise.

The ultimate would be to eventually start two Canadians at DT. The talent is there, but the issue is having all of them healthy at once to also provide the Canadian depth that would be needed behind them.

You might see if a RB doesn't come of the injured list soon you might see the team bring in another RB.

We should have signed Brandon Whitaker when he was cut from Mtl. Sure hope Grigsby comes back soon.