Two Questions re: Nov. 15th

Barring that most unlikely scenario where HAM loses in WPG and BC/EDM play to an overtime tie, the Cats will play in the semi-final on Nov. 15th and there are still (prior to the WPG @ MTL game) four possibilities for that game:

  1. at home vs. WPG
  2. at home vs. EDM
  3. at home vs. BC
  4. at WPG

Two Questions:
A) What do you hope it'll be? And, (B) which do you think is the best match-up for a Cat victory?

My choices: A1, B2


We've owned the Lions this year. Edmonton and Bombers... mmm not so much.

I'm sure Otis would love to head to Montreal with a win over he former team while you know CP would get a thrill coming into Hamilton and beat the Cats.

Facing Printers and the Lions at IWS. The drama quotient alone would be off the charts and I think the walk-up crowd would certainly be bigger. Facing Ray in the saddle in any big game still would be a bigger hurdle for any team to have to handle, IMHO.

Facing Bishop in a November all-for-the-marbles game? Bring it on, twice even! Especially if the EDSF in in IWS. The advantage of playing a team back-to-back (especially in your division) is it doesn't take as long for the simmer between games to reboil. :wink:

My prefs for a Hamilton home playoff game:

  1. BC
  2. Winnipeg
  3. Edmonton

Time will tell.

Oski Wee Wee,


Thinking about it a little more, if the opposition is EDM or BC, they'll have a two-day advantage in rest/prep time which could be quite significant. Let's do the Bombers back-to-back.

WPG's loss at MTL means (barring of course the very unlikely EDM/BC overtime tie) that the semi-final will not be WPG @ HAM. It's now down to EDM or BC @ HAM or, if we lose next week in WPG, it'll be HAM @ WPG again a week later.

As far as ex-Ticat QBs are concerned, my preference on who we face in the playoffs would be:

  1. Maas
  2. Printers
  3. Calvillo

Too bad 1 is not likely to be an option as Ray is pretty steady. And yes, I realize 3 is a mandatory stop on the road to the Cup.

Even though we beat BC twice already this year, I am not sure they would be any easier than Edmonton in the playoffs. We had the luxury of playing them when they were still putting things together. They have become a much better team since then and would provide some serious competition. At the same time, so would Edmonton. Perhaps our best senario would be that BC beats Edmonton next week and Ray is injured (nothing too serious but enough to knock him out of the playoff game). Then we face the Eskimos with Maas instead of Ray.

Whatever the outcome, I am looking forward to a playoff game at IWS on my dad's birthday. Last time we had that situation Ozzy kicked the game winning field goal to send us to Montreal on the way to play Calgary for the Grey cup.

Go Cats Go!!!

Caught my own mistake above. There is no scenario where the WPG would play @ HAM.
The only possibilities now for the semi-final are:
EDM @ HAM - (if HAM wins or ties and EDM loses)
BC @ HAM - (if HAM wins or ties and BC loses)
HAM @ WPG - (if WPG wins and EDM/BC do not tie)
EDM @ WPG - (if WPG wins and EDM/BC tie)

Casey Printers coming back to IWS as a BC Lion for the East Div Semi would be awesome. However, it’s a home playoff game I crave and don’t care who the opponent is. The TiCats are good enough to beat anyone in this league, so once in the playoffs anything can happen.

All take what our Ticat's will Do for us ....But im sure we al crave that Home playoff game ....And you hit it bang on and i been saying now for 3 weeks . This is not the same Tigercat team of the past years .

[size=99px] :thup:

They sure picked a right time to get some things rolling ...

Hmm, if Hamilton wins, and we all want them to earn that home playoff game, then they'll have to face either Ray or Printers. Tough call.

I think it would be easier to rattle Printers.

I would think playing Printers is better. He will have only played 3 games, have to travel East
and will be facing the loudest craziest crowd in Hamilton in 9 years and a defense on a roll.
I like our chances in that scenario.

If we play at home I don't think it will matter who we play cuz I would sense a victory.

Ray and the Eskies have just been off this year.

Printers has looked okay with BC but they are still beatable.

Bishop's good run ended yesterday and I don't think Winnipeg would be able to recover if we beat them in their house on Sunday.

I think the big thing is that we win in Winnipeg to keep our momentum going. A loss and it would be a tough trip back home and back to their house.