Two quarterbacks?

Maybe it's time to try the two quarterback system.

Using two QBs will take the pressure off both of them, change them out two or three times a game, it gives the offense a new look and keeps the opposing defense on their toes.

Jason Maas was a very succesful back-up in Edmonton, maybe he'll do Ok if he doesn't have to handle the pressure of being the nominated starter.

Under a two QB system, Chang will get lots of playing experience without having to carry the all of the responsibility of a full time starting QB.

The rule is very clear, refer to

"15 yards in advance of the point where the ball was first touched, OR 5 yards in advance of that point if the kicked ball had struck the ground before being touched by the receiving team"

The only factor which determines whether the penalty is 5 or 15 yards is whether or not the ball touches the ground before it is touched by the returner. Whether the punt coverage team is trying to back away, or which way the ball bounces etc. does enter into it.

I agree, some refs don't seem to know the rules, there is more confusion over this rule than any other