Two professional Teams in Same City & Same League

I will try to explain the situation with two teams in the same city and the same professional league.
In the 1950's, New York had three Major League Baseball teams, the New York Yankees in the American League, and the New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers in the National League. Both the Dodgers and Giants had been in New York and in the National League from the early 1900's, so there was never any question of them not being there. The Giants played at the Polo Grounds in Bronx, NY, and the Dodgers played at Ebbetts Field in Brooklyn, NY. The Yankees were at Yankee Stadium in Bronx, NY, and the Giants and Yankees were never at home at the same time because their stadiums were only 6-8 blocks from each other. At the end of the 1957 baseball season, the Brooklyn Dodgers decided to move to Los Angeles and become the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the New York Giants decided to move to San Francisco and become the San Francisco Giants. These moves took place because of the potential each team saw in being on the west coast and because both had old stadiums and weren't going to get new ones. Also, there was little parking near each stadium, which was also a problem. After the moves, there was only one baseball team in New York for five years, and alot of screaming from the National League baseball fans for a team in the National League. In 1962, when major league baseball expanded by two teams, the Houston Colt 45's (Now Astros) and the New York Mets were created. The first two years of the Mets existance were spent at the Polo Grounds ( which had not been torn down, but has been since), while Shea Stadium was being built in Queens, New York. Most of the time now the Mets and Yankees are not home at the same time in New York, but there are a few games a year when that does happen, but it's strictly random.
In professional football in the 1950's, there were only twelve teams in the National Football League, with the New York Football Giants playing at Yankee Stadium. In 1960, two events took place that changed professional football in the US quite significantly. The NFL expanded by one team, inviting in an expansion team in Dallas, the Dallas Cowboys. The other event was the formation of a new professional football league, the American Football League with 8 teams to start. The new league felt they had to have a team in New York ( our largest city) to succeed, so one of the teams was the New York Titans, who happened to play at the Polo Grounds. The new league didn't draw well in New York, but did in other cities that never had professional football. After the 1962 season, the New York Titans went bankrupt and the franchise was sold to a new owner who renamed the team the New York Jets and moved their games to the new stadium in Queens called Shea Stadium. The American Football league stayed in business and there were many lawsuits between the two leagues, along with bidding wars for college players. The two leagues agreed to merge for the 1970 season and become one National Football League with a national and american conference. The first four Super Bowls were billed as the NFL versus the AFL, and ironically each league won two of these games. The rules in each league were slightly different, and some of the things used in the AFL were adopted by the NFL when the two leagues merged.
The New York Giants said they needed a new stadium with better parking and facilities and in the early 1970's, Giants Stadium was built in East Rutherford, New Jersey for them. The land was available there and this was the best offer they received. From this stadium location, it is only about 4 miles and you would be back in New York City. The New York Jets moved to Giants Stadium in the late 1970's, because NYC was not making improvements to Shea Stadium, and the ownership of the New York Jets felt the situation at Giants Stadium was better for them. In the past the field was artificial turf, so it didn't get torn up, but the players did. Now it's made of one of these new materials and natural grass, much better on the players bodies. Obviously, the Giants play home one week and the Jets play home the next, but it has happened that one team has played home on Saturday and the other is home on Monday night.
I hope this explains the situation of two teams in the same city and in the same league. Remember, I didn't even get into basketball or hockey, which I could if you'd like me to.

Well written!
I already knew most of the history of the sports teams and stadiums, not all, but New York is an amazing city,with a colorful past!

USAspike, NOTHING will convince me that having two professional teams of the same league in the same city is a great idea, no matter what the Pop is.

I'll only except it if one team is named after a cities big suburb (Example, New York Yankees, Brooklyn Dodgers). Otherwise, one should relocated and build a fan base in a city else where in the country.

And for those who will use the AFL/VFL against me, the VFL (the original league) used to be a interstate league played by teams from Melbourne's suburbs. Even when their was a "Melbourne" team, others called themselves "North Melbourne" and "South Melbourne", not "Melbourne Demons, Melbourne Kangaroos, Melbourne Swans", too confusing. It's a shame and I'm so mad that the VFL became the AFL, but I'll take that up with my country men or I'll just follow Victorian Aussie Ball and the CFL.

What if both teams are very profitable, and the population of the city is practically 4 or 5 average cities combined? I think that is enough reason for 2 teams

Kanga you can call them what you want but I hope you dont spell them that way.

No, I'm on a different computer, I can't use the spell check you gave me right now, and I just don't care to spell anything correctly right now.

While We're On The Topic I'd Like To Publicly Thank You Ro For Giving Our Top Poster A Spell Check. As For The Whole NY Topic I'm Guessing That This Arose From The Discussion Earlier And My Point (Along With Kangas I Beleave) Was That It's Understandable To Have Two Teams In A City As Large As New York However I Don't Understand Why We Have To Be Bombarded With Those Two Words. It's Very Unoridginal To Repeatively Hear The New York Such And Such. It's Part Of The Reason Why Everyone In Canada Hates Toronto And Why Everyone In The States Hate New York. It's Not Even An Oridginal Name For A City. Toronto Doesn't Still Go By The Moxy Of York. And The Fact That After The Revolution They Kept The British Names Of New York And New England Yet They Change The Name Of French Frys.

Before I Start Ranting I'll Get Back To The Two Teams Topic It Would Be Better To Split The City Up. For Example Have The Mathatten Islanders, The Queens Jets, The Brox Mets. It'd Create Better Rivalries And Would Discourage New York Citizens From Bandwagon Jumping From One Team To Another.

But they won't do it because of merchandising. The Jets don't want all the non-Queens people to stop buying stuff And so are the other teams. Why do you think the MLB Angels renamed themselves with "Los Angeles" in their names? Being inclusive means more potential buyers for your crap.

That is so *******!!! BRING BACK THE ANAHEIM ANGELS!

Sorry, For Someone Who Used To Work At A Baseball Stadium I Should Already Know This. But When Did Anahiem Rename Themselves?

Imagine the profits ONE team would get on their own and the PROFITS that other pro teams would get if their was less COMPITISION!

It's just not fair to the other cities that have teams and to those that don't have teams as well.

USAspike, why isnt there an NFL team in Los Angeles.......

This season, they are now the, and I qoute "The LA Angles of Anaheim"


The reason there is no NFL team in Los angeles is that the Los Angeles Rams moved to St Louis in 1996 I think because they got a much better deal on a newer stadium and most likely tax breaks for several years. At one time there were two teams in Los Angeles, the second team being the Los Angeles Raiders, who moved there from Oakland, and stayed about six years and then moved back. Their owner, Al Davis, is a real pain in the butt to the NFL because of this nonsense, but there is not alot they could do to stop him from doing it.
Even though Los Angeles is the second largest city in the US, they don't support Professional Football that well. If the NFL ever does expand again they may get a team, or if some team wants to move from where they are, Los Angeles is always mentioned as a strong possiblity. You have to understand that in the US, every NFL Football stadium has at least 60,000 seats, and even though every game is not sold out, they are almost always playing to a crowd of at least 95% capacity. With Los Angeles, in the last 10 years they haven't had any group come forward that wants to put a team there, and the NFL has survived quite nicely. I hope that answers your question; I wish I could tell you more but that's all I know

The governator of Califonia and a few groups are trying to land a team, I suggested to them to try and buy the Jets. :wink:

What is wrong with 2 or even three teams in the same city? If the people support the teams who is to say that they should not have them

Read my last postes Ro, I also like to add its bad for a national league, it needs to spread out to my cities if it can, not focus on one city.

Fine, go to a city that does not support the team and let it fold after a few years. Tha is much better


What does it matter anyway, it's not like I'm going to take up arms or anything.

I'm just saying what I think about it.

Just hope the CFL doesn't allow a city to have two teams ever again.