Two players fined after Week 5 action

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) announced that two players have been fined after Week 5.

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that’s annoying.


seems to be the go-to response …

in reality, these fines don’t mean or do much. Either suspend, or move on. Fines in the CFL are useless.

Lol.. fines.

Valid point.
A portion of Marino’s suspension was for his dirty hit. (The portion received for other offenses is not relevant to this conversation)

At first glance, I would expect, since Boyd’s hit was every bit as dirty, and also caused a player to be injured and miss multiple games, that he should receive a suspension similar to what Marino got for his hit.

I’m not privy to the process, but I suspect the difference in punishment has to do with the disciplinary histories of the two players.

You’re right, it’s not ideal, but the CFL really isn’t big on suspending players.


Robertson is out four to six maybe two months, is an ankle or foot, could be two months. The reaction to the league to Boyd was classic CFL, hit the guy from behind and a fine. Boyd is no choir boy, watch him over the next few games, always in the middle of BS. Do I agree with the suspension to Marino, yes but all for the hit, the crap about ethnic blah blah, he has a black girlfriend which everyone here is ignoring an an inconvenient fact.

Yup, the CFL Brass is consistently inconsistent.

All those who wanted Behar & LaPolice fined (not me) will be disappointed. Boyd should have got a game I think for starting the whole mess.

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Only if it’s a western team

That and retaliation…every league on the face of the earth nails the retaliation.


OMG. Will the whining ever stop? Ever since Marino's unbelievably cheap shot, Saskatchewan fans on this site have been trying to equivocate the two, whinging about how Boyd hadn't been punished. What about? What about? What about? Please. The two hits were not comparable in any way. And yes, I have watched them several times. And as mentioned above, disciplinary history and possibly retaliation.


Hmm. So your contention is that if he has a black girlfriend, what? He is incapable of making a racial remark? He didn’t make a racial remark? (no one, including Marino has said he didn’t. Marino admitted it). It’s somehow justifiable if he has a black girlfriend? Doesn’t that actually make it worse? I’m not sure I understand what point you’re making.

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Jeremiah Masoli does not consider himself African American as his family is from Samoa.

Jeff Hamilton essentially wrote that among other things, Garrett Marino called Masoli a "Fake Polynesian".

Him having a black girlfriend is irrelevant. He is obviously an abusive, unhinged person. You don’t have any idea what kind of relationship he might have with his “girlfriend”.


So what is your point? I’m not being facetious or sarcastic. I’m genuinely asking.

I didnt see Boyds hit and cant find it on the internet. Can you post video?

Football You Bet, it was posted by a commenter on another earlier article about the hit, but I can’t locate it now.

having now seen it, I do not find it equally egregious as the Marino hit. The fine works for me, depending on how much, which I guess we will never know.

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Reports are now coming out that Robertson’s foot had already been broken moments before the pile on. And no, a pile on is not as dirty as Marino’s intent to injury.