Two players fined after Week 10 action

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) announced two fines from Week 10 on Thursday.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive lineman Ja’Gared Davis was fined for a high hit on Toronto Argonauts quarterback Macleod Bethel-Thompson.

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If they're referring to the so called high hit by Davis that the command center overturned wiping out a 4th quarter int that gave the Anchors new life in the game well if I'm Davis I'd be telling them to stick that fine directly where the sun doesn't shine .

It was a bars to bars head shot. I don't think that he intended that, but he is still responsible for it. That is a penalty and a fine every time.

And before you try to claim that the contact was incidental due to McBeth's head snapping, I repeat ... it was a bars to bars headshot. Watch the video again. It is very clear.

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I watched the Hamilton and Toronto game - the penalty against Davis was "iffy" - even one of the announcers questioned the call. The point is - it is Davis' job to get the QB and there was no intent to injure - it was a BS call - one that cost the Cats the game. To fine him for this call is nonsense - I thought the refereeing in the CFL was improving - guess not! Seriously, do the referees ever get fined for bad calls? They should!

I know a CFL X-official and he once told me that every game is reviewed after by head officials for calls made on the field. Both as a training aid and to correct bad calls. If an official gets too many bad calls they can be removed from the list.

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The CFL I hope are taking into consideration if a player causes the victim to be injuried and potentially miss following games when they assess a fine. The more serious the injury the higher the fine, with potential suspension equal to what the victim misses in number of games as a result of the hit.

No. Result should not matter. Penalties and fines are a deterrent much more than a punitive. Punish the act, not the result. Otherwise you will encourage cheap shots because you increase the chance that you get away with it if the guy isn't hurt. These penalties and fines are there to deter the hit from even happening, to prevent injuries, not to wait until the injury happens to do something. The 'no-blood-no-foul' mentality is obsolete when it comes to these matters.

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It seems you don’t understand my comment ! I want the offender punished with a fine for committing ALL ILLEGAL hits outlawed by the league. But when that illegal hit injuries a player seriously enough to cause him to miss games then the fine (or suspension) is commensurate to the seriousness of the injury. An example was when Kyries Herbert INTENTIONALLY hit Cornish by driving his head into the ground. Kyries was thrown out of the game then received a fine with a undisclosed amount. Cornish missed many games recovering. But Kyries was back on the field next game. The worst thing was that he had done similar serious hits to at least 2 other players (that I was aware of) before and then at least another after that incident. The fine was not a deterrent for Herbert. Cornish and the Stamps suffered by not having Cornish in the games. In fact Cornish never really fully recovered and ended up retiring as a direct result of that hit. If Herbert was suspended and losing out on his wages until Cornish recovered and returned to play you can bet Herbert would , when he returned, be more careful to abide with the CFL rules on hits. And it would also send a message to others what they could expect if they intentional violate the safety rules. Of course incidental or unintentional hits would be taken into consideration before punishment handed out. At the present time the CFL fines are not deterring players from these illegal hits. In some cases victims are losing playing time AND yet the illegal hits are still happening. If the CFL are serious about protecting players they need to review their method of deterrents. And launching an appeal should be heard and decided within a day of the announcement of the deterrent. Having a player launch an appeal of suspension then allowing that player to play until the appeal is concluded is ridiculous. That is a loop hole some have used to play an important game.

I understand completely. I just don't agree. If the Hebert example that you describe is worth 4 games say, then it should be 4 games regardless if the victim was hurt or not. Or if it's worth 8 games, then it should be 8 games whether the victim was hurt or not. And any other player who breaks the same rule the same way should get the same 8 games regardless of whether the victim is injured or not.

I do agree that the fine in that case was not a deterrent for Hebert but that had nothing to do with the injury, and everything to do with the league's weak and inconsistent discipline policies and the PA who always - and I mean ALWAYS - goes to bat for the offender and does jack squat for the victim in these kangaroo arbitrations.

You and I very much agree that the CFL does scant little to discipline cheap shots and dirty play and that the fines are not enough.

I just don't agree that the injury inflicted should influence the punishment. If 2 different players make the same dirty play with the same intentions but one of the guys that gets hit doesn't get hurt and the other is done for the year, then the same crime gets a year off for one guy and only 1 or 2 games for the other? No, I do not agree. That's a policy rooted in bitterness and revenge, not one rooted in deterrence and justice.

Then there's the whole scenario of a team purposely keeping a guy out longer just so that their opponent misses their guy for a few more games. Now in the case of Cornish, being the team's starting tailback, they likely would not do this, but the victim could easily be a marginal player (Anthony Gargiulo - the victim of the worst cheap shot EVER by Jason Jimenez), and his team could just hold him on the 6-game for as long as they want even if he heals just to keep their opponent's star right tackle out of the playoff race for instance.

Then you also encourage the possibility of a guy like Chris Jones coaching one of his marginal players to go mangle a rival star player with 1 or 2 games to go in the season. The injured guy will only miss the one last game of the year or even no games if it's the last game and he heals before training camp. Then the offender would get the minimum penalty by default despite the fact that the foul was totally deliberate.

Penalize everyone the same, or at least by the same standard policy regardless of the outcome of injury.

And Kanneh's hit on Adam's?

It seems that "Stampederfan" is a fan of the referees - which is just great - refs need friends too! However, this incident which Davis ended up paying for many times over(including a team loss) was totally called wrong by the referee - this is the only point that matters. I don't care about the opinion of some unknown X-referee. The fact that Hamilton had no ability to challenge the call is no excuse for the ref nor the CFL to allow a bad call to stand and to determine the game. What a waste of the price of a ticket, not to see the true winner come out at the end - instead we paid to see a mistake.

Then stay home. Enjoy golf.

Are there videos to accompany these fines? I would like to be able to review them.