Two players fined after Thanksgiving Weekend games

TORONTO — The CFL has announced the following fines:

• Montreal Alouettes linebacker Micah Awe has been fined for a high hit on Ottawa REDBLACKS wide receiver Jaelon Acklin.

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So a three/for one player

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Sounds like we may have a new Marino on the horizon. Three fouls worthy of a fine in one game and no suspension? That's bush league.


Yup. Repeat offender within a single game. Lets see if Als fans (or anyone else, for that matter) start calling for his head or support him unconditionally.

I've always thought Awe to be a dirty ass player . It's probably a good reason as to why he has bounced around from team to team in his career never really establishing himself in any place for any long period of time .

As for this Pickett guy , I can't say as I've ever heard of a single player getting a hat-trick of fines in the same game before. I have to also agree with others that have mentioned the fact of how he somehow escaped a suspension from the league for his on and off field transgressions that led to his triple header worth of fines .

I hope Jaelon Acklin is Ok! Apparently He is a victim of a high hit from two Montreal Guys! Was it simultaneous or two seperate events? Montreal is not a stranger to players who seem to play too rough. Kies Hubert was the worse I remember.

And the Als signed him for a day so he could retire an Alouette

If I remember correctly, Adarius Pickett had a hat trick last year with 3 15-yard no-yard calls in 1 game. Yes, he did lead the team in penalties. They were not the dirty kind as far as I know.

Not going to excuse the headshots. He just has to learn not to do that. One of the fines though was for complaining about the referees in the postgame press conference.

Team might actually consider him a leader or captain as I have seen him on tv calling the coin toss.