Two Packed it possible ?

I think they may be having a hard time selling out. Just got an email stating as a ST holder, I could buy an addition 4 seats at a discounted price.
I did not buy my seats because sitting there in warmer weather on metal seats is OK, but if it's cold and rainy like last week (and it will be colder) then I'll watch from home. Have never missed a home playoff in 35 years. If it was in IWS, I would be going.
Hopefully next year at THF.

8) Yep, I just got the same e-mail from the Cats.
  Offering up to an  additional 4 seats in any section, for 50% off.    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Ouch. League or the team is going to take a hit on that playoff game.

There were about 3,000 tickets left for sale as of Monday afternoon, and team spokesperson Scott McNaughton said the club “has not raised prices one cent” for playoff tickets.

13 days to sell 3.000 tickets

I think you should read the email you got again Lenny, if you did not pick up the option to buy your playoffs tickets I do not believe you would be eligible for additional playoff tickets at a discount ........kinda makes sense to me .......... it is one hell of a deal and I appreciate the club looking after those who bought full seasons plus bought playoff tickets .......classy move by the Ticats . .......... Cheers

8) That's right, Mr. Pike, you have to purchase your own tickets for the playoff game, before you can buy the additional
   tickets for 50% off the retail price.

    You will only have until 5 pm tomorrow (Nov.1) to take advantage of this deal also.

Have they added capacity or are we still talking the 13 000 seat setup ?

Still 13000.......too early to talk about extra capacity when there are still quite a few seats available.

Tipper, I exercised my option this morning and bought 4 extra platinums (it was just too good to turn down ) I am going to distribute them to 4 folks that would not normally have gone and who possibly aren’t even football fans , it my hope they get hooked on the Ticats and the CFL game and will return in the future to buy seasons tickets or at least individual tickets.
Like I said previously I feel this is a very classy and shrewd business move by the Ticats and I hope it pays dividends for them down the road.

I just called my rep and took advantage of this amazing deal as well. I also bought an additional parking pass for them so we can all tailgate in P19.

I can read. The point I was trying to make is that they may be having a tough time selling out or why else would they offer such a discount for us to buy additional tickets. I know I would need to purchase mine first. Also, after all these years I no longer believe the club when they announce how many seats are sold or available. Every CFL team seems to stretch the truth about numbers.

I do hope they come close to a sellout.

Well, I bought mine. I’ll be there.

OK, then, NOW is it a sellout!!!

If you start listening to the fans you'll soon be sitting with them I believe is the quote.

No professional athlete will use what fans write on a MB as motivation. That's ridiculous.

What!?! I bought 4 earlier and was not told of this deal. My rep has some esplainin to do.

Just checked Ticketmaster and although I wasn't about to count every ticket available - guesstimating I would say there are about 1200 tickets left. Long range weather forecast not bad 8C and sun/cloud mix.

Not just the fans, its the media as well. I just see these two teams as very closely matched and it showed in the 3 games.

Pretend your an Als fan and save !

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me too. hoping to see a really good game.. 49-0 Hamilton win will work too

You might want to talk to your own player's then HfxTC.....Cause it seems like the Al's are the ones doing all the chirping!!! Believe me,the Cats will do all their talking on the field,on Sunday!!!!

A quick check of Ticketmaster and it looks like they are down to about 600 tickets left for the game.