Two Packed it possible ?

The two weeks of playoff football coming up on Nov 10 and 17th is very exciting and hopefully will prove fruitful for all Ticat Fans.......We have not had a sell-out in Guelph all season , I am sure hoping that for the playoff game on Nov 10th that the fans pack Alumni Stadium , .... it would be great to have standing room only tickets sold in the corner's of the end zones if demand dictates such.

A win carries us on to Toronto on Nov 17 , what a party it would be if the Ticats could knock off the Blew team in their house in front of a huge crowd of Ticat supporters.... Lets start by packing Guelph and if we get the win there then pack Rogers Centre, lets give this team the support it deserves.

Oskee wee wee everyone.

Listening to Zamperin and reading posts here. It is interesting to realize that most of you are already looking past Montreal. I like it :thup:

Like most MTL fans wrote off their season weeks ago and are now pretending they didnt.

Could temp seating be added at Alumni ?

I don’t think we’re looking past anything or anybody, Hfx , …You should come on up to Guelph for the game , lots of u guys there last week-end , you’d have a blast …I will even buy you a beer or two to cry in !

Awww come on Hfx…your Al’s have been in enough Grey Cups the past 10 yrs and recently won back to back…give us a turn for once…it’s been tooooo long already…1999 seems like a 100 yrs ago,let us have a turn a bat for a change. :slight_smile:

Could easily be done but won’t be, would be my guess , too expensive and there is no gurantee the place is going to sell out fast enough to warrant seats being built …My guess they will sell standing room in the endzones if demand dictates such …I believe this is the smart thing to do financially.

Ii was told by the rep IF tik sales r brisk n good temps could be added

I picked the division Toronto, Hamilton,Montreal,Winnipeg before the season started. With Montreal and Hamilton improving as the season went on and its pretty much what happened. Its an interesting situation because I think we are a bad matchup for you guys but you guys have a real shot against the Argos where we would just get chewed up. So for me its a mixed bag. So while it would be great to knock you guys off. If the Als lose I’ll be cheering for the Ticats to knock that stupid grin off Jabba the Barker :thup:

Yeah but how many horseshoes can we pull out of our behinds and think we’ll always comeback and beat MTL in dramatic fashion like in Moncton and in Guelph this year, MTL keeps up its fast starts and we keep falling on our faces out of the gate eventually our fortunes will turn in favour of MTL (away from Molson Stadium against the Cats). You guys are dangerous on O & D and like you said, I would rather play the Argos right off the bat but we’ll both have to wait for that matchup!

Don't be too concerned K/P...

We are getting more film on Troy Smith and we will be better prepared come the playoffs.

Montreal's defense is where we have to give slightly more attention. Condell's play selections need to counter the Al's blitzes and we saw that pay off in the second half.

Should be another hugely entertaining game.

If I were an Al's fan, I would be excited about next year as Smith gets more experience he will prove to be more effective. Man that dude throws a sweet ball...

We need to confuse him at the line of scrimmage and use his inexperience against him!

You guys should win against the Als.
Then with the big game at the crap dome, with many buses coming from the Hammer is it possible we could get a 40,000+ crowd?

at $90 and $100 per ticket i would be surprised if those centre sections sold out. I could be wrong though.

I checked the Ticketmaster site for the semi-final and gave up counting the individual seats still available but guesstimating I would say there are somewhere in the 2500 range still available. Not bad with still over a week to go. It should sell out - I would think.

As for the Eastern Final in Toronto - well I know they still have a regular season home game to play and won't focus on the playoff game sales until that is over - but as of now it looks like so far they haven't even sold 10,000 tickets yet in the week and a half they have been on sale based on a quick glance at all the unsold seats on the Ticketmaster site for that game. It is still early though and I Know lots of Argos fans won't even buy tickets until they know who they are playing.

I doubt that wildcat is going to work twice. Works both ways. One thing I know is Burris had his 3 worse games of the season against the Als. He was pulled at some point in all 3 games. In the two wins its Lefevour and Mazola who pulled the game for you guys. Really I see this game coming down to ST and penalties.


Really? :oops:

Are you sure about that?

Good thing Zamp and us fans have no bearing on an outcome of a game. As fans We can overlook but as you know the team won’t be overlooking anyone. I’m sure Coach will be keeping them quite grounded.which won’t be hard to do since we didn’t look extremely good in any of the 3 games’

Always a good source of motivation when players hear and read they are being disrespected.

One game at a time, lets be honest, we got away with one last week vs Montreal as that special teams runback or if Montreal made one of their field goals, that game could have ended in disaster, and we all remember how ticked off we were when we got blown out. Lets filled up Guelph first, win and then we'll think about making the dome a home game for us.

Yes, because as every player knows the opinions of an unknown nondescript radio announcer from an unknown non descript radio station are very influential. Nice try.