Two new singed import REC could make a big difference

With the Young import WR Issah Sweeney not working out the ESKS have wasted no time in finding his replacement.

Watch out for speedster from the state of Texas Dominique Edison. Styed in Texas and played and smaller Stephan F. Austin instead of rolling the dice with the likes of LSU Misouri etc.
Tour up the small school play got an invite to NFL combine Drafted and played his rookie year for the TENN Titans after being drafted in 2009 but then the PR NFL run around started.
He is a sppedster and former High school state Champ sprinter. Whther he will be ready to go this week or not he will still push the players on the roster right now if they want to keep his spot.

A bit younger and a bit raw but a 6'4" target in Jamar Howard. NFL training camp in 2012 and then right to the AFL where he learned about the timing of the forward motion and snap early this spring so he is very much ready in football shape.
I like that EDM is continuing the search for a 3rd starting import receiver to go with stamps and Koch with Bowman staus unknown. Since Bowman has been injured last year they really have not done too much to replace him.
Edison is just the hungry import tired of bouncing in the NFL for 4 years and would love to line up wide next to stamps or Koch.
#rd year Canadian Nate Coehern is coming along great and Matt Carter is starting to show signs of his first round pick status and Chambers all three will benefit with the pressure being off of them. It could also push import Marcus Henry to take it to the next level as well.
The key will be is that they will have more options and are not just sitting Pat with less than when there are better out there