Two New Quarterbacks To Be Signed By Ticats?

During the story about the release of Casey Printers on the CHCH TV sportscast at 6:45 p.m. this evening, a short clip of an interview with Ticat team president Scott Mitchell. He said that Obie and Marcel would not have made this move if they didn't have Quinton Porter and Adam Tafralis ready to step in. He made no mention of Richie Williams. He finished by saying that the Ticats will announce the signings of two new quarterbacks next week. One hopes that Williams comes to camp with the other four quarterbacks but, as Mitchell did not even acknowledge his existence as a potential quarterback for the team this year, maybe some kind of trade or release is in the works.

Mike Kelly, Jack-of-all-trades, with Winnipeg says he is going to
pay Kevin Glenn his $50,000 bonus and try to trade him, TCTD.

Maybe one of the 2 new QBs Obie is bringing in next week
could be Kevin Glenn in a trade with Winnipeg for Richie.

Hopefully, Kevin has agreed to the reduced salary Obie wanted.

Richie deserves to get some respect like that
and a chance to prove himself on a new team.

I am not comforted knowing that "Trafalis is ready to step in" although the four passes he threw last year were nice ones :lol: :lol: :lol: . As far as the two qb's being signed next week - they'll be a couple of nobody's from the US college ranks, like the dime a dozen qb's that pass through the CFL every year. Porter is a bonafide candidate, don't get me wrong. I'm very happy we have him, but we got weaker at qb with this move.

I personally love Richie I think when he stepped in and won us a game right away he deserved to start the rest of the year over Porter and Printers, obviously not seeing Porter play yet.
As much as i love him, i would love to have him to to another team and tear up the league

I heard its going to be Tony Romo.

This excerpt from an article by Drew Edwards in today’s Hamilton Spectator indicates that Ticat head coach Marcel Bellefeuille has not yet ruled out Richie Williams as one of the potental Ticat quarterbacks this year:

"Despite the fact that the team doesn’t have a proven veteran quarterback, Bellefeuille says he’s happy with the Cats’ current stable of signal callers: Porter, Richie Williams and Adam Tafralis.

“Had we been going into the season with nobody that has CFL experience, that might be a concern, but these guys have played enough games in the league that we feel confident.”"

Here is the link to the article:

Trafalis threw 39 passes with 3 TDs and 1 Int. last season.

Bellefuelle has a good eye for talent, and both he and Obie recognize that Tafralis is not just another yahoo coming to Canada from down south.

I think Williams should be dealt only after Glenn is aquired by the Ticats. Can't see Kelly being interested in Williams in a trade, however, he has traded for backups from other teams already (LeFors, Ralph), so don't put it past him.

i say they will be tim rosenbach and joe hagins

Looks like they will cut williams and get nothing for 3 years of developement, seems to be the TiCats way !

Or Bankhead and Dickens ??

I thought we had signed Tracy Ham as a QB scout a year or two ago. Is he still on staff? Is he digging up these finds, or is it...........?

Tracy was in Hamiton about as long as Obama was in Ottawa
but fewer people were ever able to get a glimpse of him, merlin.

More likely it was obie wan kanobi who found them.