Two new on the D-Line

With the release of Verndon and Bake, we had some holes to fill:

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The Saskatchewan Roughriders signed import defensive end A.J. Raebel and import defensive tackle David Patterson.

Financial details of the contracts were not released.

Raebel, six-foot-five and 245 pounds, spent four seasons at the University of Wisconsin — Whitewater. In 2008, Raebel signed as a free agent with the Minnesota Vikings.

The six-foot-two, 280-pound Patterson was a two-year starter at Ohio State. He signed with the Atlanta Falcons and spent the 2007 season on the team’s injured reserve list with a foot injury.

Yet we still have chunky...we should have kept Jimmy and let go of Marcus IMO.

man Chunky is a cool guy

I agree with ya he's a super cool guy but he's not that good of a professional football player...IMO

Better than Verdun and Bake apparently.....
Chunky has done a good job for us. But he is aging, and has had some injury problems and so I believe he is on the bubble again this year. But just like last year, while they may find a replacement for him, don't expect it.
As for the two new guys, you can never have too much cannon fodder at TC.

Someone should do a tally, but I think we must be nearly set as to the bodies coming to camp. I believe we are allowed 68 plus draft picks.

Speaking of the D-line. Who is our D-line coach anyway??? Estay is retired. I don't ever recall an announcement being made. Who's our O-line coach with Gibson now in Hamilton??

Did I miss something? Just curious!

Where did i say he wasn't a good guy? Unfortunately, being "cool" doesn't make him a good football player. He is a waste of a roster spot.

I think we still need an o-line coach. Etch is likely the d-line coach--we added a DB coach instead. we might still add another defensive coach.

And we have signed Mike Stadnyk. Good to sign those draft picks!!

And part of the answer is....we announced the Quaker Oats guy....I mean Bob Wylie as our o-line coach today. Our coaching staff ain't getting younger, but I like this signing. I heard an interview with him and he says and I paraphrase, " When I take over a new line, I assume they don't know anything and build from there". I like that attitude.