two linemen we should look at.......

There are two pretty impressive Canadian senior defensive linemen in the NCAA this year. A defensive tackle who plays for the university of central florida that goes by the name of Keith Shologan had an impressive senior campaign with 27 tackles, 10 for a loss, 3 sacks, 7 QB hurries and a fumble recovery. Jamaal Westerman, defensive end with Rutgers also had a successful senior year, recording 47 tackles, 13 for a loss, 8 sacks and 1 pass blocked. Shologan hails from Edmonton while Westerman is from Brampton. I think either one would be a good addition to our defensive line, what dies everyone else think?

We need Amercians We already have good Canadians .. We should trade the pick and get an American WR or DB..

NEVER, repeat Never pass up the chance to get good Canadians. You can always find Americans but Grey Cup winners have a roster of SOLID Canadians. Let me remember now what country was that number 83 from that caught that touchdown pass in the Grey Cup for the Riders this year, oh yes, he was from Canada. Remember NEVER pass up CFL caliber canadian players.

whats wrong with bringing in Canadians if they are quality players? these guys are having better years than alot of Americans, and could go as a good compliment to Mckay, Keith and Wayne. They will also put more people in the seats, people who want to see these Canadian's who excelled in the NCAA wanting to see how they will do in the pros. Also, who knows, with the addition of these guys along with Mckay, Keith and Wayne, the cats could have one of the better D- lines in the CFL.

Did we not draft OL and DL the Past Two Years.
We need playmakers.

Something we are lacking ..
We have few Starters
Our Canadians are Depth that's it..
We need Some Good Americans.
Did not Marcel say Americans are Dime a Dozen
Turns out he was wrong .
Cause We had Trouble finding good ones.
That Cost him his Job

That is Why Obie is here..
he know how Find the US talent we are Lacking

Yes we need good Americans. Thats where US college scouting comes into play. Good Americans are easy to get, good Canadians are not. We are still in need of offensive and defensive linement and their citizenship papers really don't matter. if the best Canadian players we can get happen to be linemen we need to get them and use Americans somewhere else. If the best Canadian happens to be a DB we need to get him. The important thing is that the most difficult thing to upgrade is Canadian talent so we should never pass up an opportunity to do so. If getting a quality Canadian means we need to get rid of a valuable American, trade the American for an American in a position we need to upgrade because we don't have a suitable Canadian. We should always fill our Canadian spots (7 minimum)first and fill in the holes with Americans. After that we shouldlook for quality Canadian backups for the Canadian starters. Thus if we have Canadian linemen starting we need more Canadian linemen IMo

The Ticats Started more Canadians then any other team in the CFL last year .
Obie Already Said He wants to Start More Americans..
Use the Canadians For Depth and Ratio

Which means we need better Americans not less Canadians. Nor does it mean we cannot improve our Canadian talent from the present group. Finally it doesn't mean we have Canadian talent at the most advantagious positions with reguard to maintaining the ratio in the event of injuries to our Canadian starters. IMO no teamcan ever have too much Canadian talent. IMO there had better be Canadians in the practice squad just in case. A Canadian is allowed to fill a non-import spot but an import cannot fill a Canadian spot. Every one of your Canadian should be good enough to fill in for either a Canadian or import. Do you think we cannot improve our Canadian talent thru the draft?

Marcel Desjardins? Is that you?

No but I don't have to worry about offending potential or current players by stating the obvious. The statement wasn't wrong its just that Marcel wasn't up to the job due to either poor evaluation of talent or unwillingness to pay the going rate

How could he pay the going rate when you're not willing to?

I don't believe you have the right guy because I am on record as looking for some way to get tickets after losing my seatmates and now only being able to attend about half of the games instead of the full schedule as in the past due to my work schedule.

Having said that, I really don't believe that Marcel was under the budget constraints that you believe he was under. He lowballed several players and lost the opportunity to retain their services because he felt that they could be replaced by cheaper talent reguardless how much he had in his budget. Either he undervalued the players he lowballed or he overvalued the abilities of their potential replacements or possible he misvalued both.

I stand corrected.

The games are won in the trenches. And drafting good Canadian muscle there with the top pick will help us build a championship team.

Our O-Line is very young, but great at run blocking. And they will get better at pass blocking with one year of experience together, plus the addition of Bekesiak in 2008 (he's apparently being moved from D-Line to O-Line) and perhaps a free agent like Sheridan or Goodspeed.

Our D-Line needs more muscle up the middle. I think Obie will bring in some American monsters to contend for DT, but I think we'll also draft Shloogan (who has a lot of buzz around him) to add good Canadian depth on the D-Line.

Moves like these would make our two Lines stronger.

The kid from Rutgers does not qualify as a Canadian because he played at the age of 6 in Florida. He is not even eligible to draft.