Two Less QB

The blog is out from after practice today. Chad Friehauf and Mike Washington got cut. Clovis wasn't at practice again (he showed up for Wed so far this week). Chick was on 1st team defence all day. Rumour has it that Hamilton inquired about Crandell.

Looks like Gerran Walker took Washington's roster spot.

TSN decided to report Crandell's official release now, 10 minutes after my original post.

Washington looked good at times last year.

Not truly surprised Washington was let go, he never really looked all that good. I think Tristan is probably going to lose a roster spot unless he gets his life in order. This is the 2nd year in a row he has been away from the team for personal reasons.

Mike Washington cut was a surprise but the roughie brass isnt fooling around, its what have u done for us lately.

I wish they wouldnt drag the Marcus Crandell situation, hopeful the do find a place for him.

No. ET knows what family issues are about.

Any idea what is going on with Clovis? Riders have been very quiet. Players must appreciate that from Miller. Maybe I shouldnt be but I am curious. Anyone know anything?

well its clearly something big or else they would be putting up with him being gone for 2 straight weeks, i wonder if this will result in a loss of pay?

It might. With cap problems. Hope Clovis is ok. Met him before and he seemed very nice. Quiet and smiles a lot.