Two kickers in the Lions Den

What will Wally do with both Paul McCallum and Rob Pikula next year? Isnt it unusual for a team to hold onto two kickers that do both jobs?

Well lets see if Brent Anderson is back next year. Paul has been around for a while and Rob is waiting in the wings.

That is a good question as I'm sure Pikula doesn't want to sit doing nothing for another year. Hard to know what to do but Macallum was so good this season you can't just drop him but the ages of the two has to be a factor unless PM is simply alot better still. Pikula did very well in his limited time .

I don't think Brett Anderson is really a factor since he's not a field goal kicker , just does kick offs but does so many other things really well and is a good but under
used reciever as well. He makes the team on his many abilities not just kick -offs.