Two import tackles...time to rethink?

I wonder if it's time to use the import spot somewhere else.

  1. Having two imports on the line is not, in my opinion, paying the dividends it was expected to. Defences are getting too much pressure and Buck is being hit too much. Run game is struggling, although it was a bit better yesterday. I think we get the same result with 4 Canadians on the line. Maybe revisit the idea when Glen January is ready to go.

  2. Brock Ralph is driving me crazy.

I think I'd rather have Chris Davis in the line up instead of Andre Douglas.

I'm thinking use the extra import in the secondary, at least until Logan gets back.

Who do we have to put in there though?

Paper-thin in DB depth right now.

I hated when we cut Lenny Walls, and I hate it even more now...with Campbell and Stamps coming in next week, our young half backs have a very big challenge coming...

Take your pick, lol

i think are secondary is a little weak and having some injuries doesn't help but what about taking a look at Tristan Clovis didn't know he was available until you posted that list but he's non-import would be a decent pick up i think and i wouldn't mind bringing back Jasper Johnson he seemed to be pretty good aswell. Could also bring back Willie Amos aswell.

To make room for these guys we need to release players so Ralph is a definite playing with no heart and playing scared football i don't know who else.

What i also don't get is why are we dressing 3 running backs when all we use is Reid if anything we should drop the 3rd guy and dress a extra DB or DL thats where we need the backups cuz those are the players that seem to be going down

John Eubanks is available, that wouldn't be such a bad a pickup at db IMO.

As for the offensive line, Butler is alright but Douglas should definitely be replaced by January when he's healthy. Do the bombers have a back-up centre? Khan isn't very impressive.
Morley and Labatte are two good guards though and Butler should improve as the season goes on.

Eubanks was here last year before going to Calgary, he's serviceable for sure.

And I completely agree with you about the oline.

Didn't realize he was with Winnipeg last year.

Darren Toney is another guy that got a lot of playing time last year and could be a nice pick-up.

eubanks got cut in training camp last year.

i agree tho with the oline, not so much the tackles even, they seem to be doing their jobs..

its more khan, morley than douglas.

maybe donnelly comes in and plays center?

khan has peaced me off for a long time now, he talks so much and called out kelly after the season but i recall several games last season where khan was a pilon and its continued to this season.

i dont know why more ppl dont point out khan. He's not as good as he thinks he is.