Two Home Games: Two Points Total

If it wasn't for the punter, we'd have got shut out again.

Well this game the offence got him close enough to kick a single.
If this were the 60s someone would be run out of town before midnight.

"Its all good" 25000+ butts in the stands Caretaker and company$$$ Us poor diehards, tradition club holders are getting *&%# are we going to get a discount for next season for the #%^& we are producing on the field?

Maybe Paopao moved up to the booth so he wouldn't get lynched on the sidelines.

Was anybody in the locker room fired tonight??

I don't understand why they seem to play better on the road then they do at home. Mass seems like a different quarterback on the road. I don't think he performs well with the pressure of the hometown fans. I never see those overthrows and balls skipping to receivers like tonight. On the road all the games have been competitive. :?

PoaPoas’ offence is worse than a high schools. No imagination at all at least Baressi was crippled with a 40 yr old statue in his years here. I am starting to miss Baressi.

Baressis play book looked a lot similar to this year's. At least when Danny got intercepted the ball was forty yards down field.

The offense has scored zero points in the last 2 homegames. Even the Leafs score more.

An Argo fan

We just didn't punt enough.

19 more times and we woulda had a win!!!

Best post since the final whistle sounded.