Two Grey Cups in Hamilton in a three year span

Does this change expectations that our team has to win it all this year?

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Lots of things, but mostly the fact that most restrictions are gone here in Ontario, and while out west is worse than here currently, eventually vaccines + covid burning through the remaining population mean it should be down to background levels by then.

Also, it's a year away, and if they're in the same spot as us next year, well 2024 hasn't been awarded yet so the league could do the same thing next year.

Really? I was not aware that you don't need masks in a public place in Ontario, nor that proof of vax was required for any non-essential event in Ontario, nor that proof of vax was required to ride the train or a plane in Ontario, nor that the mass federal govt firings for non-vaxed don't apply to Ontario.

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I was not aware that most did not mean the same thing as all.

Most (80%+) of people can attend most things, with the most important one, live sporting events, no longer have capacity restrictions.

As long as you are vaccinated most restrictions are gone.


It's why there's no sense of urgency. We get a do-over. :laughing:

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Kind'a like getting a mulligan on the golf course :grin: :golfing_man: :golf:

It's quite conceivable that almost all remnants of the Austin Era (2013-17) will be gone by 2023. Even today, four years removed, I believe the only ones left are Masoli, Banks, Simoni, Laurent, Daly, Revenberg and STE.

But I would hope that many from the Class of 21 are still around in a couple of years.

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Of the seven that you mentioned there is really only two or three that I feel might be still here in two years time . Banks , Masoli , Laurent and Daly didn't make the cut . Simoni might still be here but then he has just as good of a chance to not be here , Revenberg I think is the most likely to still be here . As for STE ? well when it comes to RB's and longevity who really knows ?

I think Banks is fine for 2 more years. He's 33. He's having a tough year but being off last year will help long term.

Unfortunately at age 35 it will all come down to if the club still wants or needs him or if he is still productive at that late stage of his career . We have all seen in the past how long established team stars have been treated at the end of their careers when management wants to go in a different direction with younger players being right or wrong on the decision to let them go .

For reference please see Morreale , Mike and Hitchcock , Rob as prime examples of the above mentioned .

Marcel Desjardins decisions don't count.


I'm not sure how much more his tiny frame can take. He had that shattered collar bone a few years ago and since than has been absolutely destroyed with big hits on quite a few occasions. Only Banks can know if his upper body can take anymore hits like that.

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Okay fair enough then . Since we are talking about the players left from the Austin era in this scenario may I offer up a few different names...such as Hage , Marwan ... Dyakowski , Peter ... Knowlton , Markieth ...Stala , Dave just to name a few off the top of my head whose days were numbered not long after the Austin era began .

Hage replaced by Filer. got 8 years younger at that pos. Check.
Knowlton replaced by Eric Harris. Better. Check.
Stala replaced by Fantuz. If he stayed healthy...
Austin wasnt GM on Dyakowski move.

It's almost like there was more to that era than half a season.

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Sorta miss the "I'd rather die than lose" mentality.


It's safe to say that if Masoli is stll with the Cats it'll be in a backup capacity. :smiley:

At a significantly reduced rate if he wants to hang about.

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Dyakowski was released by the team after the 2016 season . Austin was still a member of the organization at the time of Peter's release .

Austin was the teams HC as well as the head of football operations in that 2016 season . So yes he was definitely around and still wearing many hats (actually too many hats) so yes he had a say on the decision to release Dyakowski .

The point that I was trying to make is that as a rule a team usually doesn't keep someone around and on the roster just because of their past performance or years of service . By 2023 if he is still actively playing and not already retired Banks will have including his 3 year NFL service a total of 13 years of football wear and tear on his diminutive sized body . He will also be 35 years old . There is honestly not to many receivers that I can think of that still played at an elite high skill level at the age of 35 and beyond .

Even if he does want to still play there is no guarantee that the club will not be looking elsewhere at a younger less expensive recruit and wanting to move on in a new direction by then if not before then .