Two Grey Cups in Hamilton in a three year span

Wow . So after only having two years as host Grey Cup city in close to 50 years the league just announced that we will be hosting again in two years time in 2023 .


Possible this is a sign that this Grey Cup will be severely scaled back due to Covid and financial reasons.

No temporary seats will be added.

Great news for the team, fans and the Caretaker.


Yup . Great news indeed . Now let's just hope that the Anchors , Larks or SILLY NAMES don't crash and ruin the party for us long suffering fans .

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Hamilton is taking it on the chin with a reduced Grey Cup experience they should be getting another chance .

Great to see the league reward the Grey Cup to Hamilton without having to go thru all the rigmarole .


Makes a lot of sense, they'll have had everything already planned. And gives other teams another year to work on bids in a post-covid world.

Only downside is that it's asking locals to spend a lot over two years, my GC seats costs more than my season seats and I'm not sure if I'll double down on 2023.

Lets hope we aren't rebuilding by then...

Lots of time to save cap money for then.


Evaluations starting now.

It will be interesting to see how many on this years team will survive to still be on the team in two years time .


Great news!!
:+1: :tiger: :football:

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Two years to find a kicker.


Get ready for Rider fans to lose their minds. They completely lost the 2020 Cup.

But they have the 2022 cup no?


Yes they certainly do . Originally they were supposed to host in 2020 but it was pushed to 2022 because of some pandemic thing or something that cancelled it .

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New conspiracy. League won't publicly apologize for the missed FG so instead they awarded us with a Grey Cup. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yeah but we get 2 in 3 years. They only got a make-up date. Riders will cry foul.

Great news, I suspected we'd get another GC soon after this one as it is compromised. Didn't expect that soon, two shots for us to be ok the big dance at home!

So, it sounds like there is essentially zero Grey Cup week this year though. Not a single event? Its just going to be two teams playing a football game essentially?

Hopefully we get more clarity as I was saving vacation days this year for GC week.

Why? They'll get to host a full capacity Cup next year. We don't.

Well they don't call them the Cryders for nothing ya know !


What makes you think that covid restrictions will be lifted by then? Or 2023 for that matter?