Two Great Events

Just wanted to say thanks to the organization for putting on two great events with the Pickup Party and the Meet and Greet at St.Caths Jack Astors.
I had to drag my 3 year old away in tears on Sunday. I couldn’t keep up with him zig zaging back and forth across the field. I’ve also run deep routes with friends over the years but nothing like my son launching 45ydrs at me… that’s a big throw!
I took him up to where his grandfather, uncle and myself sit, my wife’s picture from the field makes us look real insignificant sitting alone in all those seats waving.
Jack Astors was great. Won some stuff, talked with Obie, Angelo and the players.

I pay for tickets to go to a game and all this is bonus and completly intangible to my experience.
Obie, when I asked, said he has not seen a football organization put in as much effort as Hamilton, I beleive him and appreicate it!
Of all the Bills games I’ve been to, the actual feeling of walking on the field and or conversing with management are very remote and inconceivable. I love and appreicate the CFLs personabilty!


Great stuff mikey. :thup:

You can get a similar family feeling about the team
if you attend the Cats Claws Fan Club dinner, MikeyD.

This year Carl Coulter will be inducted
into the Cats Claws Walk of Fame.

and Sandy Beveridge will be honoured as the
Charlotte Simmons Humanitarian Award winner.

Many of their former team-mates will be there.

The fun starts when they get up to the podium
and tell stories about the fun times they had

when the played together for the Tiger Cats.

It will be held[b] Friday, May 28th at Michaelangelos

Banquet Center on Upper Ottawa Street in Hamilton.
Doors will open at 6:00 p.m. when cocktails will be served.

Dinner starts at 7:00 p.m. Tickets cost $60.00 per person.

For reservations and information

please contact Carol Rose by phone at 905-664-6117,

or by e-mail at

***the Walk of Fame plaques of all the previous honourees
are on the walls of Ivor Wynne Stadium on Beechwood Ave.

There sure is quite a history there.

Love to read stories like this. I have actually not been on the Ivor Wynne Stadium turf for such an event, and haven't been on the field since our high school championship game back in '89 I believe.

I was on the field after a game in TO a couple of years back and I can see why your child didn't want to leave. It was a cool vantage point.

One month 'till kickoff!

The 'Cats kick off 3 Week-Ends from now in Toronto (Sunday, June 13th)

My grandson's were catching crisp passes from grandpa (maybe not a crisp as I would like) at centre field and got involved in a little pick up game with some other kids. The look on their faces will be something I will never forget. Memories like that are very much appreciated. Thanks to the Tiger Cats organization and staff who planned and ran the event.