Two Good Teams

I found tonight's game was an exciting, close contest.Calvillo and Durant passed well with equal passing yardage. The Als offensive line has greatly improved and gave Calvillo good protection in this contest.

The main difference between these two teams was that ,offensively, the RRs used Wes Cates effectively to produce a good running game. For some reason, the Als did not utilize Colbourne on the ground and, the RRs had greater offensive time on the field. Colbourne is geat receiver but, I am perplexed that the team does not utilize his running ability.

The last five minutes of this game was extraordinory. I was amazed that Jason Armstead was not positioned far back from the line of scrimmage to receive the RRs final punt. Had he been properly positioned I believe the Als would have won the game and, the horror of the last few moments would have been avoided. The officials were correct in not giving Estelle an interception. In such a situation, where there is some doubt about who has the ball it belongs to the offensive player.

Jamel Richardson and Reggie Hunt both produced strong games. There can be no doubt that Reggie Hunt must play EVERY game from now on. These are two good additions to the team. Cahoon, JT Hill and the entire offensive line were effective. The RRs won the cup last year and are winning out of the gate. On another day, the Als will beat them.

We still need some one who can run back kicks and play an effetive part to enable the Als toobtain greater field position on the ball exchanges.

Don't follow the Al's but I was really surprised tonight when they said it was the first start of the season for Hunt. I know he didn't come cheap and that seems like a pricey bench warmer. Was there a reason he hadn't played up until now?

He went into training camp with a hurt shoulder and I think there might have been a hamstring injury. Last week is the first game he could have played but he was a healthy scratch.